FOX8 NEWS: Complex workout featuring knee grabs for the core

We’ve started something new and created a category plus facebook group called “Exercise done right!”, it’s a group where everyone across the world can post the monstrosities and gross neglect they see within the fitness industry by large corporations or fitness celebrities. Following is a description of the group.


This group has been created to improve exercise across the world, and help spread the correct message. This is in no way meant to ridicule someone who is trying hard but might not be doing it right, this group is to call out large corporates which have the funds and the responsibility to get it right but are to lazy and only care about views, clicks and likes.

Let me make this obsoletely clear, I as the creator of the group MAKE MISTAKES, I have made mistakes, and I will continue to make mistakes, I’m not perfect and neither will I ever be perfect, I’m on a path of continuously learning, furthermore, if I mess up, I will own up to it, and if I mess up, I appreciate you providing me with detailed information on how to improve myself in a constructive manner.

Large corporates or personalities with huge following have a responsibility to get it right, there simply is no excuse for not getting it right. And I’m not talking about little slip ups, I’m talking about basic stuff that simply isn’t taken care of, providing further details on advanced stuff that simply isn’t there but should be, all these things contribute to injuries, misunderstanding and more.

This all applies especially to companies like CrossFit, Adidas, Nike, celebrity trainers and social media celebrities.

Do your part, become part of the group and help out in a constructive way, don’t just call out, provide detailed feedback.



Let’s start our first post in the “Exercise done right!” category with this offending article/video published by FX8 News and written by the Traffic Reporter.

  1. It’s not a complex, the workout consists of 3 separate exercises that do not flow from one into the next, a complex is a set of exercise intelligently string together so they flow from one into the next, if performed with resistance, then it’s expected you can complete the complex without putting the weight down.
  2. The hand insertion is not correct, to lift a kettlebell like this is asking for trouble, it’s not a huge problem with the baby weights they are using, the problem is the technique demonstrated to people will get them accustomed to it and keep lifting like this, eventually causing wrist injuries. Watch this video on the insert. It not that difficult to get something this basic right, watch the fundamentals here.
  3. I have a problem with the name “Knee grab”, because they’re not grabbing their knee, they’re grabbing their shins.
  4. I like that he covers the pulling on the neck, I’m always pedantic about this with my clients, what I don’t like is that he says “it really does not help their mid section”, the key point to make their is neck strain or worse, you should not be pulling your neck to avoid neck strain or worse injuries. Not mention this fact will give people the impression it’s ok to keep doing.
  5. I don’t mind the exercise, but there are better ways to really work the core muscles, as that exercise will involve more momentum and use of hip flexors.


There you have it, apart from missing out on those few basics and a couple of naming errors, looks like a great trainer, great cues.


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