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Two awesome days in Spain with the team from Cavemantraining.

I’ve been chatting with some gireviks and getting feedback on a get together/event after the IKMF Worlds in Antequera. I’ve decided it was best to keep it simple, so I ditched the private property for BBQ and games, instead, we have two awesome and my favorite locations which we’ll visit. Two locations I guarantee you won’t forget.

Day 1

Antequera El Torcal
I chose this location because it is one of the most magnificent places you’ll ever experience, there are plenty of views to admire, and we’re going to admire them all. The location is also close enough to not have to drive too far from where the championships were held. We’ll take our kettlebells up, you can choose not to carry one, that’s up to you.

I’ll bring kettlebells, video equipment, drone, camera, and more, this will give us an opportunity to have some fun at stops along the way up. We can sit down, admire the view, chat, shoot some photos, do some stuff with kettlebells, share knowledge, or just relax.

  • We’ll meet at 11 am so everyone can have a little sleep in.
  • 11:30 am sharp we’ll start going up.
  • 12:30 am we’ll arrive at the first pit stop.
  • 14:30 pm we’ll eat our lunch.
  • 15:30 pm we’ll do some more exploring and decide if we want to move on, some might decide to stay at the location and we’ll pick them up on the way back.
  • 17:00 pm we’ll start heading back down.
  • 18:30 / 19:00 we’ll go and eat at an authentic Spanish place.

If you’re not up for walking the mountain, you can arrive later and drive up to the top, contact me to discuss.

The following video was shot in the same locations we’ll be visiting.

Day 2

Rio Chillar Nerja
Nerja is about an hours drive from Antequera, but well worth the drive to see one of the most beautiful gorge walks you’ve ever experienced. The same idea as day number one, we just take it as it comes, plenty of stops along the way to the main area/attraction of the walk. This walk can take 5 to 6 hours, it’s through water and you’ll need some shoes that can get wet. The water is ankle high at the start, toward the end it’s about hip height.

  • We’ll meet at a convenient location for everything and travel to Nerja or meet there.
  • 10 am we’ll start the hike.
  • We rest when needed, stop at places that are scenic, swim and relax at pools and waterfalls as we come across them.
  • 2 pm approx we’ll reach the main area, maybe even earlier, then we decide what to do and when to go back. Some might stay here and relax, others might move on a bit further, and some might be crazy enough to do the 10-hour version of this walk with me. Whatever we decide on, it will be fun.
  • We’ll find ourselves a nice little Spanish place to eat, one with an outdoor area, as we’ll probably stink! 🙂

Here’s a video of one of my adventures at Rio Chillar.


Reserve your spot by making payment here €10 for one day or €15 for both days and then mark yourself down for the event here.

Transport and Food

I wanted to keep this arrangement simple, but I’m happy to help with anything you might need. If a group of people needs transport, I can arrange this at an additional cost. If a group of people wants lunch, drinks, and snacks provided, I’m happy to arrange this at an additional cost. Please email me, contact me on Facebook, or post in the event to discuss.

What and Why?

This event is about getting to know each other, see the beauty of Spain, share knowledge, reminisce about the comp, play with kettlebells, and so much more.

Spots available