Warming up for CrossFit

If I walk to the box and am already warm, I normally start this warm-up routine (links to above video) right away. If I did not walk, I would first do some star jumps (jumping jacks) to get the body warm. Depending on how cold my body is, I would also throw in some burpees.

I like to go top down, and usually start with:

  1. Arms in and out (video in the playlist)
    Thoracic and scapula
  2. One arm up and one down (video in the playlist)
    Shoulders and scapula
  3. Arm circles (video in the playlist)
  4. Shoulder rolls (video in the playlist)
    Shoulders and scapula
  5. Thoracic rotation
  6. Hip hinge
    Hips, and knees
  7. Squat
    Hips, ankles and knees
  8. Reverse lunge and twist (video at the top)
    Hips, knees, ankles, and thoracic
  9. Reverse lunge and arm raise (video at the top)
    Hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, and thoracic
  10. Curtsy lunge (video at the top)
    Hips, knees, and ankles
  11. Hip opener (video at the top)
  12. Hip circles (video at the top)
  13. Kettlebell halo (video at the top)

I spend a considerable amount of time on the shoulders, hence the reason my shoulders have remained injury free (knock on wood).

Depending on what follows in the workout or training, I would spend more time on that area, for example, if we’re doing deadlifts, I would spend some more time on the hamstrings and glutes, even doing more shoulder rolls, as this also works the traps. If there are many push-ups or overhead bar work, I would spend some time on the wrists.

As I proceed I try mimic the movements that are to come, with bodyweight first, then add some light weight. I always cover all joints, then specific muscles groups if required.


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I have other routines, like the best warm-up for crossfit. Sometimes I don’t do a warm-up prior to starting the tasks at hand, this is when I program in something like 100 jumping jacks, 50 burpees at the start, and then program to slowly increase the demand on the body. Jumping jacks are great, you target the shoulders, hips, legs, and warm up the body all in one. To be brutally honest, sometimes I’m too lazy to devote specific time to warming up and mobility (I say sometimes), yesterday I programmed the WOD to also include a mobility task at the end, hence, after I completed that I had everything done for the day, and I could walk straight out.

I’ve put together a playlist with over 40 videos that are related to warming-up and mobility, check it out. Bookmark it, share it, use it.

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