Spartan Warrior for Crossfitters

This is the barbell version of our online kettlebell competition Spartan Warrior.

  • Start in the racked position
  • Start your timer
  • Lower the barbell into a hang
  • Clean immediately
  • Jerk
  • Keep the barbell overhead and arms locked out
  • Perform a reverse lunge
  • Knee touches the ground gently
  • Come back up
  • The barbell should still be overhead
  • Lower into rack

That’s one repetition.

The barbell should never touch the ground. Resting in overhead or racking position is allowed. The barbell should be cleaned from hang immediately.

Complete 6, 12 or 30 minutes. AMRAP. Post your results online.

Rx weight: 30kg for male and 25kg for female.

wod spartan warrior

Check out our kettlebell competition where this complex can also be completed with one kettlebell.

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