Kettlebell Challenge: 30 Min. Alt. Half Snatch Marathon

This kettlebell challenge is simple but tough, and can also be used as a WOD. Simple as in its one exercise with a switch swing, tough as in, you’re not allowed to put the kettlebell down, when you do, it’s over. Your technique needs to be up to scratch, and you need to be able to pace yourself.

The challenge goes like this:

  1. Start timer 30 minutes
  2. Swing switch
  3. Half snatch
  4. One rep
  5. Swing switch
  6. Half snatch
  7. Two reps
  8. And so on
  9. Reps are counted till you put the kettlebell down or the timer goes

The half snatch is where you catch the kettlebell in the rack, from the rack into the backswing, and into snatch. The switch happens with a hip hinge, the switch happens at the top of the upswing.



Athletes are only allowed to rest in the overhead or racking position. Any other position means an end to the half marathon.


Movements Standards

  • Half snatch
    • Overhead
      • Full body lockout
      • Drop into rack
    • Backswing
      • Base of the kettlebell visible behind the legs
    • Snatch
      • One continuous explosive movement
  • Switch
    • Hip hinge movement
    • Backswing
      • Base of the kettlebell visible behind the legs
    • Switch
      • at the front

The hardest thing might be to keep track of your reps! I know I did 370+. Post your results here.

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