How CrossFit Changed My Life

Not too long ago, I was slaving through the corporate grind, overweight, eating poorly, not going to the gym, stressed beyond all belief… And was flat out miserable.


I was in a high-stress industry where long hours were expected, and I was giving myself every excuse for not having time to get in the gym…

The times I would finally make it to the gym, I was so burnt out from my poor diet, high stress, and overall lack of energy for life that it would end up just being a waste of time

I felt absolutely lost and was in a downward spiral without any clue how things could change…

Almost 18 months ago, a friend saw me in this miserable rut and dragged me out to one of his CrossFit classes.

I had seen some videos and heard people talk about it in the past, but I had never even held a kettlebell before, let alone given the sport any real consideration.

One trial class later – I was hooked…

The WOD was perfect high-intensity, the coaches were incredibly helpful, and I was amazed at the “family” culture that made it feel home

I signed up and started actually MAKING time in my schedule to get consistent.

After a few weeks, I was still eating poorly but started to notice some minor changes in my physique. My attitude started changing and I was getting more energy

Observing these small changes motivated me to push myself further.

No more junk food, no more snacking when I shouldn’t, no more thinking 4-5 hours of sleep was good enough…

I was on a mission.

Months pass and my body never looked as good, my energy levels were never higher, and my outlook on life was spiraling upwards

I was thinking so creatively and ideas started popping in my head out of nowhere – I was seeing opportunities everywhere in life…

It felt like it was all by chance, but I started meeting and getting mentored by some of the top people in digital marketing, an industry I was always passionate about.

After about 6 months, I left the cushy Fortune 500 path and went full force with my marketing passion.

Fast forward to today, I get to help people daily in business, I’ve never been healthier physically and mentally, I get to travel and live a lifestyle where I can’t wait to see what the next day brings, and most of all… I’m happy.

And I owe every bit to the one thing that started it all…



I still have a long ways to go on my journey, but I can’t wait to see how life progresses.

Cheers to everyone reading – I wish you all the very best on your journeys.

Keep swinging those kettlebells, keep searching for your inner passion, keep providing value to this world, and keep spreading your workouts to the world to inspire others and change lives.

Brett Gonzenbach
Vestra Marketing


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