Holiday or Not: Hardcore Endurance WOD Three Point Five

It’s the holiday season! Do of course you still workout?!

Or will you take the excuse to do nothing? I’ve put this WOD together to be brutal, to show those that don’t workout what we all can do, and just simply because I love it! It’s my gift to you. Complete this WOD and post on our Facebook.


Your First Task

10 min. full snatch
Time: 0 to 10 min.

2 min. rest

Your Second Task

10 min. clean and jerk
Time: 12 to 22 min.

4 min. rest

Your Third Task

10 min. surrenders
Time: 26 to 36 min.

2 min. rest

Your Fourth And Final Task

5 min. burpees
Time: 38 to 42 min.


In this endurance WOD you’ll be working with one kettlebell, your objective is to last the full 10 minutes in all three tasks, and get as many reps out as possible—so choose your weight wisely!

If you want to last the full 10 minutes, it’s important that you learn how to rest in racking position or overhead position. Start your tasks on the weaker side, try to reach half of the time, i.e. 5 minutes, before you switch hands, as one hand switch per task is allowed. Keep an eye on the timer, when it hits 4 minutes and you’re full of energy, your breathing and heart rate is under control, then you’ll want to sprint to pull that last bit out of the tank.

The kettlebell can’t be put down to the ground, or go below racking position for resting. Rest is either in racking position or overhead. If broken, your task ends, and you continue with squats.

Unlock the 14 minute video with detailed instructions below, through a simple share.



If you do not make the full 10 minutes, you will need to squat non-stop for the remainder of time. For example, after 3 minutes you can’t do more reps on the side you started, you switch hands, you’re able to get another 4 minutes out (a total of 7 minutes), you put the bell down, you should immediately start with bodyweight squats till the full 10 minutes are up. This applies to each of the first three tasks.


  • male 16kg
  • female 12kg


  • The clean and jerk can be scaled to clean and press, or clean and push press.
  • The full snatch can be scaled to half snatch
  • The surrender can be scaled to alternating overhead reverse lunge (alternating each rep)


Write down your total reps at the end of each round, add them all up at the end.

If you start endurance snatching, or any other type of endurance work, you’ll find that technique needs to be adjusted over time, to become as efficient as possible, to last longer, and to get more reps out. With the snatch this means that you’ll probably want to start reducing velocity with your legs as well as with the arms, this is because more than likely your grip will go first. If your glutes/legs are giving up, and/or your shoulders, then you’ll want to start dipping under the weight, to reduce the height that the kettlebell will need to reach. There is so much more that can be adjusted, there are hundreds of little variations in the: up swing, lockout, drop, back swing, stance and so on.



If I could only give you one tip to improve your kettlebell training today, it would be to learn how to open up the hand, let the bell float, and hand insert! No more broken wrist grip.


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It’s the holiday season! Do you still workout? I’ve put this WOD together to be brutal, to show those that don’t…

Posted by Cavemantraining Magazine on Sunday, 24 December 2017



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