Coop And Community in Albania

We’re looking for people that want to take their business online and be part of a cooperation/community. I’ll explain in dot points, and if you’re interested to chat further please join Telegram or email You can also watch the video below which gives you a quick rundown.

  • Share knowledge
  • Share business experience
  • We help you get online
  • We help you monetize your products/services7knowledge
  • Work on becoming self-sufficient and be able to fall back on that when needed
  • Start a new life in Albania


Information about why Albania, how to get residency, living costs, and real estate can be found further down. There is also a FAQ below.


We have over 7 years of successful experience with monetizing our knowledge, services, and products online, and we’re willing to share that knowledge to help you.


We are currently setting up our base in Albania. I’m happy to discuss in a private chat why Albania. We will rent a workspace/studio from where we will be able to film, work out, teach, and perform other business tasks like video editing, programming, and other tasks (mailing lists, advertising, etc.) that are required for our online presence.

If you decide to become part of the cooperation/community then we will share everything we have and know. Europeans can come and check out the country for 3 months and US citizens for 12 months. A residency can be obtained through buying property or opening a business which comes to about 600 euro in total.


In short, the idea is to create an online income for all and work on a solution to fall back on when required, that solution is land, private space for those involved, and working together on parts that are required to live, like food, entertainment, etc.



As an EU citizen, you get 3 months to stay here without residency. As a US citizen, you get 12 months to stay here without residency.

Applying for residency is approx. €700, that includes opening a company, and applying.


Real Estate

If you buy real estate, you can also apply for residency. Rental prices are approx. €500 a month for something really nice, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, balcony, living room. But you can get something much cheaper if you move further away from the city. Our main/start location is Durres/Tirana right now because there is beach and city within driving distance. Once there is a group of people that know they can and want to work together we can look at land outside of town.


Living Costs

The exact living costs will depend on how you live. But there are places outside the city where you can eat really good food, several courses with drinks included and pay no more than €6 pp. In the city itself, I have had the most amazing meals for €8 and I walked away feeling like I robbed them. If you plan to come for while to check things out, you can expect to pay $1,000 a month for AirBnB 2 bedrooms, good location, high season, gas/wifi/electricity included, etc. but you can get something for much less if you look properly.


Why Albania?

  • Not once since we’ve been here have we felt intimidated, attacked, or unsafe (we don’t go out at clubbing at night).
  • The atmosphere is relaxed
  • The weather is great
  • The beaches are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen
  • The food is great and we’ve not had one bad meal since we arrived
  • The living cost is low

But most of all, in tourist areas they do not accept cards, cash only for the majority of businesses and outside of tourist areas, it’s cash only. I am happy to explain to you in person why this is so great when it comes to the current madness around the world.


The Process

  1. Get established
  2. Secure income
  3. Help each other
  4. Learn and educate
  5. Build a self-sufficient community


The Vibe

  • Mixed
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Carnivore
  • No religion but knowing there is something bigger
  • Peaceful
  • Nature
  • Health and fitness minded
  • Active
  • Martial arts

I would describe it as the ’90s with a hint of technology, but no interest in virtual reality or AI. A sincere interest in the outdoors and activities. Take computer geeks from the ’90s, martial artists, entrepreneurs, health and fitness, outdoor sports enthusiasts and mix them together. Cycling, camping, trekking, gardening, climbing, running, adventure, etc.

Against just about everything the majority of the world is currently supporting in this time of madness where truth is being censored, nothing is questioned, nothing is allowed to be questioned, modern medical science does more harm than good, and so on.



  • Q: Can I join and help if I don’t need assistance to get my business online?
    A: Absolutely
  • Q: Do I have to move to Albania?
    A: Yes
  • Q: Can I come and check it out first?
    A: Yes
  • Q: Will you help if I just want to come and visit?
    A: Yes, just ask.
  • Q: I have more questions where can I ask them?
    A: On Telegram


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