The Cavemanator Challenge—A Kettlebell Challenge

The Cavemanator Challenge is performed with one kettlebell and involves the following exercises going for maximum reps per arm and only one switch:

  • Clean and strict press (strict for the up phase)
  • Clean and jerk
  • Half snatch

The total amount of reps times weight equals your total score. When posting your score include KG for kilograms and LBS for pounds, M for male, and F for female. For example, 2944KGM, 2944 Kilograms moved and male. 6440LBSF, 6440 Pounds moved and female.

Post your results in the kettlebell training group and hashtag it #cavemanatorchallenge #cavemantraining, on Instagram @realcavemantraining.

No matter your results, post and redo it again 2 or 4 weeks later.



  1. Anand Randy 4800KGM (Caveman Snatch Trainer/first attempt was 3520KG/second 4160KGM)
  2. Ravi Kumar 4800KGM (the first attempt was 2880KGM/second 4160KGM)
  3. Thomas Dowse 3360KGM (Caveman Inner Circle member)
  4. Taco Fleur 2992KGM
  5. Jorge Chibante 2288KGM (Caveman Inner Circle member)
  6. Anna Junghans 1560KGF


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The Cavemanator challenge with 16 kg kbl

My first attempt
Clean and strict press – 30 reps each hand
Clean and jerk – 30 reps each hand
Half snatches – 50 reps each hand


Posted by Anand Randy on Monday, February 24, 2020


The Cavemanator challenge – 2nd attempt

80 clean and strict press (40 each side)
80 clean and jerk (40 each side)
100 half snatches(50 each side)

Total 260 reps

Completed with 16kg in 18 minutes

Posted by Anand Randy on Friday, February 28, 2020


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