21 Day Kettlebell Snatch Challenge

This is the 21-Day Kettlebell Snatch Challenge with a twist! OK, hold your horses, you’re about to commit to something awesome, take the time to read everything and ask questions if you don’t understand parts of the challenge. Remember, there are no stupid questions.

Kettlebell Snatch Workouts

Just quickly: This is about a challenge that involves working out for a certain number of days over the duration of the challenge. It’s a great workout, but if you’re after stand-along kettlebell snatch workouts then have a look at the following links otherwise read on:


Why join the challenge?

  1. to set a record for yourself, to beat your last record or to beat the highest record
  2. to have a goal for 21 days
  3. to be part of something bigger
  4. to increase your cardiovascular endurance
  5. to increase your lean muscle mass
  6. to increase your mental toughness
  7. to help you lose fat
  8. for support and motivation
  9. to get better at snatching


And that last one is the key and twist, we want you to do as many reps as possible in a set, you’ll be motivated to do as many or get better with your sets, otherwise, you will be doing a lot of Turkish Getups. Don’t get me wrong, Turkish Getups are great, I love them, you probably love them too, but… They take time, especially if you need to do 6 for each of your sets—that’s if you don’t meet minimum reps—and you rather want to use that time for getting reps of snatches in. We choose the Turkish Getup as it’s a great exercise overall, but especially great for shoulder stability and strength, thus improving your lock-out duration and being able to rest more during your snatching at some stage.



  • Maybe you want to quit smoking; this is something to take your mind off smoking
    Quit smoking
  • Maybe you want to stop drinking; this is something to keep your mind off drinking
    Stop drinking alcohol
  • Maybe you want to get to the next level with your training
    Female kettlebells
  • Maybe you just need to be part of something big
  • And maybe you’re just a nutter like me, and you don’t need a reason to train!




If you’re not sure if your technique is up for the challenge, by all means, post a video performing the snatch in our online kettlebell community and ask for feedback.


I wrote an article on the racking position especially for this challenge, as some of you will be doing half snatches—especially beginners—, half snatches are where you can rest in the racking position before doing your next rep. Half snatches are great for beginners to focus more on the up phase of the Kettlebell Snatch but also great for the more seasoned Gireviks to get an additional set in.


Anyone can join, even if you’re a beginner, it doesn’t matter if you only do 2 reps in a set, the important thing is, you’ve started, and you’re going to finish, as the world is watching! If you don’t like Facebook, join us on Reddit and post your questions in the forum, trainers from Cavemantraining also frequent that forum and will reply to your questions there as well. Not ready for snatches? Start with Swings.



Following snatches and styles are allowed in the challenge:

  • swing snatch (full or half snatch)
  • hardstyle snatch (full or half snatch)
  • sport snatch (full or half snatch)



A set is a number of unbroken reps of kettlebell snatches. When you’re doing a set, you’re either doing half or full snatches. In each set, you stick to what you started with. You mark your set accordingly with half or full snatches. Download the spreadsheet to keep track if you like.

Each set of snatches that you perform needs to be followed by the Turkish Get-up exercise (full details for TGU below).

1 to 25 reps of snatches
requires 2 shinbox style TGU or 4 squat style TGU or 6 lunge style TGU

26 to 50 reps of snatches
requires 2 squat style TGU or 4 lunge style TGU

51 to 75 reps of snatches
requires 1 shinbox style TGU or 2 lunge style TGU

76 to 100 reps of snatches
requires 1 any style TGU

100+ requires no TGU

TGU is performed using the same weight as for snatching. If you insist, you can go heavier for your TGU, but this is the snatch challenge, you want to get your snatches in.

Some relevant links for the kettlebell snatch:


[prodycts ids=”45811,50576,10005″]



Following are the rules for the challenge; yes you can break them and do your own thing but that’s no fun now is it?



Only one switch is allowed per set; meaning you can switch hands only once during a set.



The duration of the challenge is twenty-one days (three weeks); Rest days are counted as a day.



You can rest whenever your body requires rest; if that means you only have 8, 9, or whatever number of active days, so be it. Safety first! Resting in lock-out position for full snatches or racking position for half snatches is allowed.



The dead snatch and hang snatch are not allowed for this challenge. Start your snatch with a swing.



Full lockout with a 1 count is required for a rep to be valid. Full lockout means that the elbow is straight/locked-out and the kettlebell is directly above the shoulder, pausing and being still for at least one count. 1 count means that in your head you go “1”, next rep.



Support and motivation are provided for the Snatch Challenge.



You chose your weight, we won’t be telling you “You’re male, you should snatch 24kg” or “you’re female, you should be snatching 16kg“, no, you decide! Not sure? Ask. You can only go down in your weight, not up during the challenge, so choose wisely. The lowest weight used is the final weight recorded for your challenge results and certificate. Several reason we decided to do so, one, this is about getting more reps in with your snatches, plus we don’t want to hassle of your final certificate to say “Congratulations on your 400 x 18kg snatches, 300 x 20kg snatches, 200 x 24kg snatches, 100 x ….” you get the point.



You chose the number of reps you do. Have a goal in mind? Post it together with your social media post for committing to the #21daykettlebellsnatchchallenge



Always post your reps to the group each day and tag it #21daykettlebellsnatchchallenge you know the saying “if it’s not on facebook, it didn’t happen”
example follows
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
#21daykettlebellsnatchchallenge #day1 of 28
Kettlebell weight: 00kg
My weight: 00kg
Reps for today:
Total reps:
Sets: (break down your sets if you like, i.e. keep good track of what you did, how big your sets were, what type of TGU you did, etc. example follows) 50 full and Squat TGU, 100 half, 20 full and 4 lunge TGU
Notes: (write down any things that are bothering you, that you think you can improve on etc. not only for yourself, but also for others to see what people are battling with, and help might also be offered)
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Always great to see videos or photos, but not a requirement. And if you want to put more information in there like your age or other notable things, feel free to do so.



Start by posting on your social media and tagging us.

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