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Certification Workout

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a certified Caveman Trainer! This circuit has been designed according to the guidelines that we’ve been teaching you during your certification course, and aims to put into practice many of the principles that you’ll have learned during the course. For example, this workout will demonstrate what we mean by training in the red zone. Your heart rate will be elevated as you complete 3 to 4 rounds of this 12-station circuit because you’ll be moving from station to station without rest. There are no breaks between each round either – just keep going until we tell you to stop. (We’ll take mercy and give you about 15 seconds between rounds though!)

We’ve included upper and lower body strength training moves in the workout, as well as plyometric moves, which will keep the intensity high. You’ll be able to sustain the elevated intensity level because the programme sequence has been designed to ensure that you’ll alternate exercises for various muscle groups so you won’t over-fatigue any particular muscle group at any one time.

We’ve also chosen exercises that will give you a taste of unilateral training. These include the Tyre Archer Push-ups and the Olympic Bar Suitcase Deadlift. Once you experience these stations, you’ll better understand how common it is that one side of the body is stronger than the other, and why it’s important to train unilaterally. We’ve also included exercises that are more advanced variations on classic exercises. For example, you’ll see how to progress from a standard push up to the Tyre Archer Push-up (which can be taken as an intermediate step towards the more advanced one-arm push up).

We’ve also chosen a nice variety of push and pull exercises to keep you entertained throughout the workout – and to give you ideas for exercise variations that you can incorporate into the sessions that you’ll be running once you’re certified. So for example, the “push” exercises that mostly work the chest/triceps include the Tyre Archer Push-Ups, Tyre Wars, Explosive Deadball Chest Pass, and Slamball. The “pull” exercises include the Olympic Bar Suitcase Deadlift, and Tyre Flip. You’ll also see what a great core workout Caveman sessions can provide, as you’ll be working your core muscles (abs and lower back) to maintain body alignment during the exercises.

To give you a taste of the wide selection of equipment that you can use in programme design, you’ll get to try exercises during this circuit that utilizes tyres, weighted balls, Olympic Bars, Tough Ropes, Slosh Bars, and of course, your own body weight.

You’ll notice that we’ve named this circuit “Captain Caveman”… we’ve chose that name because that’s what you’ll be able to call yourself once you’ve completed your certification requirements, and survived this workout!

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