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Pre-requisites for this certification are Caveman Kettlebells Trainer. For a limited time only, get the online Caveman Kettlebells Trainer course and the Caveman Circuit Trainer course for just $250. Contact us today to order your online course now and get both courses for just $250.

What will you learn in this certification?

  • – 40 Caveman Training Exercises
  • – How to be the “unique”, “crazy”, “mean” but successful trainer that everyone talks about
  • – Make more money by optimising your time (training more people) using the “buddy”system
  • – How to add variety to your workouts
  • – Thinking outside the box
  • – Learn things you don’t learn at school
  • – How to be a professional group training instructor
  • – How to administer and run circuits
  • – How to manage and work with groups
  • – Cool downs
  • – Warm ups
  • – How to deal with unexpected events
  • – How to think movement, not equipment
  • – The importance of progression
  • – How to be more involved in your client’s workout
  • – How to better motivate your client Safety, incident prevention
  • – Understand and overcome your client’s Psychological barriers
  • – Explain complex things in layman terms
  • – Body mechanics and fatigue, how to allow for recovery in order to maintain intensity
  • – How to exercise with equipment that does not cost anything

When you have completed this certification, you’ll have all the tools you need to be an excellent trainer. You’ll also have valuable information and ideas at your disposal on ways to spice things up for your clients in both personal training and group situations.


Download the Powerpoint presentation below.