We don’t do complicated lifts…

We don’t do complicated lifts…
…we do offer real people real fitness!

G’Day ,

With the popularization of group fitness classes, there are many out there participating in events to gain better general physical preparedness, or GPP. These participants do not necessarily want to learn how to do complex olympic lifts or be in danger of snapping a tending deadlifting many times a week, they are wanting the fitness that comes as a result of doing really functional movements at high intensity.

One appeal of function fitness regimens is the increased ability to perform more common activities, increasing the overall enjoyment and benefit of being active on a daily basis. Some of these regular activities are:

  • Running after a dog that has a head start
  • Helping a person off the floor
  • Removing a stranded vehicle from the roadway- FAST
  • Moving furniture
  • Playing a game of ball
  • Hauling leaves to the curb
  • Climbing trees for fun or to rescue a child
  • Putting objects in overhead and hard-to-reach places

What causes people to desire a fitness program that offers “functional” fitness is, in large part, the desire to lose fat. The results are clearly there for those who do functional training, and our Cavemantraining is a direct result of real, functional training.

Why average gyms are not out to provide fitness

When was the last time that you went to work at a construction site and had to bicep curl something up a ladder? Do you suppose this type of movement would be useful to train to do? If you are thinking “probably not” you are probably right. By sitting down and working out, you are not training along with your nature, but outright laughing at it.

Our Caveman system implements entire motor chains in a manner that allows you to prepare for running, swimming, lifting, throwing, anything, really, and be able to do so safely and effectively. The same motor chain that drives running also drives lifting and pulling motions of the posterior chain. Thus, we can prepare in our gyms for any activity by focusing on useful and functional movements.

What kinds of things do we do?

We do a variety of movements in our classes, with weights being primarily sandbags. Bags are common in daily life as well as difficult to move, thus we find them to be excellent tools when combined with a cardiovascular component. We will climb ropes, punch, kick, lift deadballs, throw heavy objects and compete while we do so. In this manner, we are able to make fitness fun as well as give everyone there an incentive to work harder. Remember, the faster you move, the faster you get fit!


  1. To become fitter, move around and do functional, full motor-chain work.
  2. Most gyms focus on “body-building” which is just isolating and fattening one muscle at a time. It is irrelevant to those wanting fitness.
  3. Our lifting is simple and follows daily life very closely.
  4. Our classes are fun, engaging, and help everyone get a smile while they get toned!


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