Opportunity for 3 Kettlebell Enthusiasts to JOIN the team

Cavemantraining has been going for a while now, and it’s time to add some fresh thoughts and ideas for the viewers/readers.


Join the team!

  • get your own area on www.cavemantraining.com, kettlebell.community, kettlebells.guru, kettlebelltraining.education plus many more
  • write your own articles and workouts in your style
  • be part of something bigger
  • get access to the following resources to use as give-aways;
    • audiobooks
    • android app
    • amazon listed ebooks
    • youtube paid video
    • online continuing education course providing CEU(s) and CPD(s)
  • use the following resources for your own benefit
    • video production
    • graphic design
    • social media
    • access to 12.5k list of trainers
    • access to 14.5k subscribers
  • potential for inclusion in videos on a channel that has over 3 and half million views



  • you need to know your stuff (to a certain degree, i.e. not a beginner) and you have mastered some kettlebell exercises
  • always learning more
  • eager to teach others
  • male or female
  • open minded, i.e. not “it’s my way or the highway” or “there is only one way to skin a cat”
  • have at least a slight sense of humour
  • have a french bulldog and love long walks on the beach 🙂


  • Q: do I need to train the same as in the Cavemantraining videos?
    A: No.
  • Q: Do I need to be hardcore?
    A: No
  • Q: Do I need to look tough?
    A: No
  • Q: Do I need to be young?
    A: No



  • email [email protected] with the following details
  • facebook link
  • website link
  • youtube link (if you have one)
  • bio or at least an introduction to yourself
  • short paragraph as to why you’re interested in joining the team



  • get access to resources that will help grow your business or branding
  • be part of a team and brainstorm new ideas on how to get each persons services or product infront of their audience
  • help spread the word about kettlebells worldwide, educate and help people understand that kettlebells are not dangerous in the hands of people that know what they’re doing
  • grow a team of experts that can provide their services to health magazines that have no idea what they’re doing when they show a hot chick or boy flinging a kettlebell around like a monkey


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