Kettlebells! Where Do YOU Belong?

So, you’re into kettlebells, you like training with them, you’ve been on your own for a while, but now you’re looking to belong.

You’re looking to give yourself a title, be part of a group, look for guidance, and eventually provide guidance.


If you ask the kettlebell community:

  • there is hardstyle
  • there is softstyle
  • they’ll mention juggling if you’re lucky
  • maybe someones brave enough to say CrossFit kettlebells

Hardstyle is RKC and StrongFirst, softstyle is kettlebell sport with many organisations. CrossFit and kettlebells, I guess it can be a thing… Juggling even I don’t know much about yet, I do know it’s a beautiful thing on it’s own.


So, we have: hardstyle, softstyle, juggling, and crossfit but there is nothing in between… until now! Where do you belong? If you don’t fit in any of the aforementioned categories, or if you’re like me:

  • love CrossFit ✓
  • swing hardstyle ✓
  • swing softstyle ✓
  • like strength ✓
  • like endurance ✓
  • like low heavy explosive reps ✓
  • enjoy juggling ✓
  • complete kettlebell WODs ✓
  • do any and all exercises with a kettlebell ✓

Then you belong to CT/Cavemantraining and do Caveman Kettlebells!

When it comes to certifications, we don’t put any requirements on your strength, it’s all about technique, you can lift a 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24 with good technique.

“all people are made different”

Strength is created through practise, even if you have the technique, you still might not be able to lift the same weight as someone else, hence, we do not just put weight requirements in our certifications for the sake of it. We assess what you’re getting certified for: the ability to teach, the understanding of technique.

If you’re a trainer, again, it’s not* always about being able to lift 100 times, press 24 or 40kg. or any other insane amount of weight, it’s about whether you understand how to transfer your knowledge to your student(s).

When it comes to styles, we don’t put any requirements on your style, swing, press, pull, or push any style that suits you, as long as it’s safe.


What requirements do we have?

  • Don’t be an asshole, seriously!
  • Respect others
  • Provide support
  • Be open to feedback
  • Maintain an open mind
  • No ego lifting
  • Understand that not everything is black or white
  • Always learn more
  • There is no “me” there is “us”


*of course if you’re teaching others to do high reps, or press heavy, you need to be able to demonstrate this yourself; the point is that our requirements match what your goals are.

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