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I’ve been training most my life, I’ve trained hundreds if not nearly over a thousand people in many different countries, but the one thing I see that I need, the one thing that I see others need is REASON, a reason to train.

I’ve had times where I struggled, I’ve seen people quit and give up, if not after 6 months, then after a year, the one thing they have in common is not having a reason, not having a reason that provides enough motivation to keep on training—not all want to find a reason.

Just recently I struggled and floated between being fitter than the average person but still not in the state of health & fitness I wanted to be in, I kept trying, but I found that the reason that had driven me for so long no longer provided the motivation. So I found another reason, I picked up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu again. My reason. I want to be able to last the full 5 minutes of the fight, I want to be able to do five or more rounds in one day, I want to walk away and be able to do a workout afterwards.

If you’re struggling, find a valid solid reason that will drive and motivate you to stick to whatever it is you need to do, whether it is losing weight, drinking less, sleeping better, getting fitter, lasting longer, find your reason.

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BJJ Kettlebell Routine

Taco Fleur BJJ

For those who watched the video and asked about the part of my workout routine shown, it’s a little routine I put together which I like to do at least once a week after BJJ, it’s the following strung together utilising two kettlebells:

  • burpee
  • deadlift
  • chin-up

20 reps

Clean and Jerk
20 reps

3 rounds

The first three exercises are awesome because they take you from vertical to horizontal (mimicking sprawl), to lifting, to jumping and finally into pulling. I utilize each exercise to work on my flexibility and strength, meaning I don’t butcher it with speed, I focus on lat engagement in the plank, trap engagement and deep solid upright squat in the deadlift, then jump and pull up, on the down phase pull-up going to full depth in the hang. The Clean and Jerk is nice and explosive, focussing on finishing all 20 in one go while remaining calm.

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