Cavemantraining Hardcore for Women

Is Cavemantraining for Women?

People ask me this question, and probably rightfully so because the name implies that it is for men only, on the contrary, Cavemantraining is just as much for females as it is for males, we have tried creating a separate program for females, more on that here, but we decided it was best to keep it all together.

When you have males and females training together it works out a lot better, there is more motivation, more grunting and groaning as one is supposed to in a Cavemantraining workout.

So to answer your question “is Cavemantraining for women?” yes it is!

What do we want from you? We want you to submit your video of women training hardcore amongst the men, submit your videos below in the comments or contact us directly with a link to the video. We’ll feature them on this page, but we’ll also make a gallery once we have enough video. We’ve posted some videos ourselves to get you started.

Below is a video where some of us Caveman Trainers were approached by an Australian radio station and asked us if we could provide a serious hardcore training session for a group of roller derby girls, of course we agreed.

Please see the video below of females going through a Cavemantraining session, as you can see, they work just as hard, if not harder than some men.


Tai and Anna having a crack at it!

Hardcore Nikki

Some awesome shots of women working out just as hard as the men!

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