To have purpose in life. To be part of a tribe. Vision of a caveman.

The vision of Cavemantraining was very clear over a decade ago but materializing it has been an enormous task. We’re getting closer and closer though.

Each of us at Cavemantraining believes that the most important thing in life is to have a purpose, to do the things you love doing, and to help others.

Early in our exploration, we discovered that free was not as appreciated as something that had to be paid for. Free is too easy to give up on, it seemed to have no value. Hence, we started to change the model.

Let me cover something else first to provide some more context for what’s to come. We human beings used to live as tribes, small communities, people used to take care of each other and all have a specific task/purpose in life. Having a purpose, belonging, and being valued is super important in life.

[generalizing]These days it’s each to their own, you go to the office and do your work amongst so-called colleagues, you walk through a busy city but know no one, you exchange not a word of meaning with anyone, you drive home with thousands of others and experience no connection other than arguments about driving skills, you come home and are lucky if you have a family. Family is about all you get these days. You work your ass off and get nowhere, you’re in debt for the next 50 years to pay off that house and car, the only thing to look forward to is the weekend, which is over before you know it, you waste 5 out of 7 days at a job you hate, hence, you have thrown away 5/7 of your life…[/generalizing]

The point is, wealth accumulation and gathering materialistic things that weigh you down have become a priority, and creating experiences, helping others, and educating oneself have taken a backseat.

Our aim is to bring back these things through something called the kettlebell. It’s not something that will be for everyone, but there is only so much one can do, and this is it when it comes to our efforts in creating change. Allow me to explain.

Over the years we’ve tried this before and failed miserably, we tried creating a community that thrives and feeds of each other. A community with similar values and concepts. Kettlebells, health (mental and physical), and fitness.

Over more than a decade of work Cavemantraining is now in a position where it has:

  • Thousands of free educational material downloads a month
  • Ten thousand of web visitors a month
  • Thousands of students enrolled in online kettlebell courses
  • Hundreds of videos on YouTube with millions of views and nearly 37,500 subscribers
  • Running some of the most popular and active kettlebell groups on Facebook totaling over 30,000+ members and growing exponentially
  • Sold thousands of kettlebell books on Amazon
  • We’ve expanded and are expanding our list of Caveman Master Trainers


All this means that we’re reaching people, and in some form or another we’re helping people improve their life, no matter how slow.

Now, getting back to the main subject of this post, we’ve been trying to create communities before, they failed, whether it was not enough traction, bad concept, missing a user-friendly interface, etc. we don’t know, and we’ll never know, but we want your opinion about the new concept.

We have:

  • Free basic kettlebell material
  • Detailed kettlebell books
  • Basic kettlebell courses
  • Detailed kettlebell courses with coaching and assessments


The idea is to create an online community where knowledge sharing and educating others are promoted. A community with a hierarchy, not to be better than one other, but to have a purpose to grow. A clear vision of where to get to. Of course, nothing in life these days can be just about giving, and bread needs to be put on the table, so, that path also includes making money. We have some ideas (but need more, this is where you come in), one being that at the end of that path the student is a full-fledged trainer that has helped hundreds of other people and truly dug deep into all the subjects, the other being a representative of a business they understand, are part of and make an income through.

The entry to the hierarchy has no cost other than time, educating yourself and others on the free kettlebell subject matters we publish, we then set a minimum number of students that should pass through to be able to hit the next level in the hierarchy. On the public website, each teacher/tribe member will have a profile with the number of students they taught, the subjects taught, a rating, and reviews. Now we’ve reached the stage where time is invested into others, so we invest in that person by providing the next online course in the hierarchy, which would be our Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer (normally $349). Cavemantraining invests hours of coaching and assessment time in each of the certifications to make sure that each trainer knows, can execute, and teach the basics of kettlebells. We’ve not figured out whether we should waiver the full fee, charge a small fee and invest that into other areas, charge half of the fee, or full fee and work with some point or another type of reward system.

Furthermore, there will be responsibilities in the hierarchy, volunteer or paid, positions like unconventional kettlebell competition organizers, UKC judges, bloggers/writers, promoters, etc.

In summary:

  1. Provide opportunities for those that don’t have money but time
  2. Bring together people that think similar and believe in creating changes through a versatile tool (the kettlebell)
  3. Provide purpose
  4. Improve lives
  5. Educate
  6. Build
  7. Grow together
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