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This is the Cavemantraining (previously Caveman Training) from Australia, the one that started in 2009 and is now available in Spain on the Costa Del Sol anywhere from Torremolinos to Marbella, from Fuengirola to Coin. If you want it hard, if you’re looking for serious adventurous back to basics exercise on your holiday, this is it, you’ve come to the right place!



Everything you’re about to see on this page is real, this is not some stock-art that’s purchased online, these are photos and videos of people we trained, places we’ve been. Many people have gone through what you’re about to experience, the experience of a lifetime!



There is no doubt, this is the ultimate fitness break


La Concha Hike Marbella


We provide everything you need on your fitness holiday when it comes to exercise, losing weight and staying active. We have a no nonsense and direct approach that works and keeps people coming back for more.



When it comes to personal training plus group fitness we have something for everyone with Caveman WOD, Caveman Strength, Caveman Kettlebells, Caveman Boot Camp, Caveman MMA, Caveman Bodyweight and Caveman Circuit.



For activities we have a diverse range that’s suitable for anyone and on any level:

  • canyon hiking
  • mountain biking
  • mountain hiking
  • survival training
  • quad biking
  • team building
  • mobile personal training
  • mobile group fitness
  • kettlebell training workshop
  • challenges / competitions
  • and weight loss.


Ultimate fitness holiday package

This is the ultimate fitness break which we put together based on popularity, however, you can put together your own package, simple contact us and we’ll send you a PDF with options and prices.
Cavemantraining kettlebell holiday


Day 1  Group fitness on the beach followed by a 5 to 6 hour kettlebell workshop. You have the evening to yourself to explore.

Day 2  Chose between a mountain run on Sierra de Mijas or canyon hike in Marbella, approx. 2 to 4 hours. Leave early so you have from noon to yourself. Personal training bookings can be made.

Day 3  Mountain bike from Alhaurin El Grande to Fuengirola over the Sierra de Mijas, approx. 3 to 4 hours. Spend the rest of the day on the beach.

Day 4  Mountain hike in Marbella, approx. 2 to 4 hours or 5 to 7 hours depending on fitness level.

Day 5  Half day learning how to make fire with friction. Relax for the rest of the day or go and see the town of Coin.

Day 6  Quad biking in El Chorro, approx. 2 to 4 hours. Relax for the rest of the day, go walking in El Chorro or explore the town of Alora.

Day 7  Canyon hike in Coin, approx. 2 to 4 hours.


Package price

€475 pp  — For above package with your own transportation.

€100 pp — Additional for transportation up to 4 people, contact us when traveling with larger groups.

€100 pp — Additional for a healthy packed lunch each day.

€200 pp — Additional for a healthy breakfast and dinner each day.

€200 pp — Additional for weight / fat loss support and education.



Book this ultimate fitness holiday package now with a deposit. Full and immediate refund if your booking dates are not available.


How does it work?

Book your flight, book your accommodation anywhere on the Costa Del Sol, or contact us for group bookings and we can help you book your accommodation which will be suitable to also run activities. We can help rent cars and provide assistance with most other necessities your group will need while on fitness holiday in Spain. And last but not least, simply book our ultimate fitness holiday package or customise your own package.


Customised fitness break

We provide everything when it comes to your overseas fitness break in Europe and it’s all customisable to suit your needs, skill and level of fitness.

Caveman Training Marbella


We cater to groups and individuals.


Check us out below!

Below are some videos of our services, take note that we also run Fitness Break Boot Camp which is branded slightly different but offers the same services. Everything you see in the videos will be available to you as a service provided by us. The videos are taken from our hugely popular Cavemantraining youtube channel which has over 3.6 million views and more than fifteen thousand subscribers at the time of this writing.

We provide primitive survival activities for half days, full days or longer, this is stuff that is just simply amazing to learn on your active holiday in Europe.


Caveman training session from many years ago, was awesome then, and now it’s even more awesome!


We have extremely challenging day hikes but also less challenging hikes which are suitable for anyone, having said that, watch this video where a 65 year old lady makes it all the way on a 7 hour hike we did to La Concha in Marbella.

La Concha Marbella Hike




We put together some awesome challenging workouts, here is a killer workout for the legs. And don’t worry, if you don’t know how to swing a kettlebell, we will either teach you or scale down the workout for the people in the group that can’t perform a certain exercise with correct technique yet.


If you want to get more into kettlebell training and learn the real finer techniques on how to train safely without banging your arms, hurting your back etc. then come and see us, we have a lot to teach you, from the conventional two arm kettlebell swing to the long cycle, the long cycle is something from kettlebell sport, a 10 minute challenge in which you work with two kettlebells and perform a clean and jerk without putting the kettlebells down for 10 minutes. This is an absolute mental challenge to complete, it tests your muscle endurance and cardio as well.


Watch in awe as a Caveman Trainer shows off some of his skills.


Not everybody always wants high intensity fast competitive exercise all the time, which is why we have many programs under our Cavemantraining banner, one of them is Caveman Strength which is using one rep max and submax 10 reps or other formulas to get you stronger and bigger.


Come and go canyon hiking with us, many different levels, something for everyone, not tough enough? Combine it with running, cycling and/or a workout.

These hikes are suitable for anyone and can be made more challenging by changing the pace to jogging or running.

This canyon hike requires quite a bit of swimming plus going back up to the car which can be a running pace to make to give you that accomplished feeling you’re after.



We do CrossFit EMOMs, where you work to improve your technique.


Workout on the beach, whether it’s a CrossFit WOD, boot camp, boxing, bodyweight or circuit there is really nothing like seeing the sun come up, working out on the beach followed by a dip in the refreshing sea and then going for breakfast.


Here’s a video to show that we’re not cowboys when it comes to kettlebell training, if you’ve swung a kettlebell before, you know that if you do not have the right technique down, your back or other areas will start hurting, in this video I perform 200 unbroken swings with a kettlebell weight that is 1/3 my bodyweight.


Explore the Costa Del Sol while challenging yourself on a mountain bike ride, chose your distance, intensity, level of difficulty and whether you want to just cycle or workout as well, whether you want to finish at a waterfall for lunch and a refreshing dive in the water or finish at the beach for a typical spanish lunch.


Want to do something what other people would probably call ‘crazy’, then come with us and lug a kettlebell up one of the highest mountains around and do a kettlebell workout once at the top!

La Cruz Mountain Marbella Hike


Want to challenge yourself or your group and go through a grueling workout, we have several locations to work from, you tell us what you want, or we assess you and we make recommendations based on your groups abilities.


Quad biking isn’t particularly challenging to the body, but it’s awesome as, and who says you can’t combine it with challenges, swimming, working out etc. or perhaps just take the day to unwind and see the beauty of Spain without breaking a sweat.


Here is a video of where we put a roller derby team through an intense Cavemantraining session.


Here is a video of a river hike with waterfall and rock pools in Marbella.

Personally I think there is nothing better than working out in the outdoors, but there are times when working inside is better suited, for those times we work together with gyms in the area.


View the testimonial from Nikki who trained with us at one of our old gyms.

Footage and testimonial for Caveman MMA, don’t mistake Caveman MMA for fighting, this is designed to mimic workouts that fighters use.


Here is a very old Cavemantraining tyre workout, each and every station in this workout utilises a tyre and challenges different muscles.


Watch Anna as she runs a kids boot camp.



This is an old video of us being featured on TV.


Testimonial from an off season rugby player training with us.


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