Sickness, Suffering – What is it going to take?

What is it going to take before YOU take action?


I was at a spin class a few days ago. Whilst there, I got chatting to the woman sitting on the bike next to mine. She informed me repeatedly that she didn’t like exercise. She moaned throughout the entire class.

Trying to encourage her and be helpful, I told her that – whilst very few people ‘like’ exercise – it is nonetheless something that we all have to do.

I informed her that exercise is necessary, just like breathing.

Sadly she wasn’t buying that at all. She responded by saying: “it’s alright for you, you are fit and slim, you wouldn’t understand.”


“Alright for you?”

I then told her that I myself had been morbidly obese for 27 years. It has never been ‘alright for me’ – every day is a battle.

She asked me how I lost the weight. I told her that it was down to sheer hard work, eating right, lifting heavy weights, having the support of my husband and son, and having a Personal Trainer kick my backside round the room.

She asked me what I eat. I told her that I mainly follow a paleo-based diet. I eat very few starch carbs at all. I am not a fanatic or obsessed with it, and it’s not the magic answer to everything, but I do make a point of not eating wheat or dairy products at all because they flare up my asthma.


Treats = ‘Fun’?

When I finished explaining my diet to her, she immediately said: “Where is the fun in that? What about treats?”

I then chatted to her for a few minutes about – where is the ‘fun’ in diabetes? and all of the complications that it can bring, i.e blindness? limb amputation? kidney problems? high blood pressure strokes? and heart attacks? Where is the fun in losing your independence? Where is the ‘fun’ in having someone take care of washing and dressing you?

So let me ask you…..What will it take for you to take charge of your life? Will it take a stroke, heart attack or some other kind of health scare?


What happens when your car won’t start, and the petrol station is a mile away?

What happens when you need to lift a bag of groceries?

How long are you going to procrastinate?


Happy As You Are?

Right now, you might be saying to yourself……“I’m happy as I am”.

Well, that’s good and each one of us should of course be happy and content in ourselves.

However it’s not just about clothes and dress sizes.

Neither is it about appearance.

Being overweight is seriously bad for your health.

Please don’t say……..”well, my birthday is only a few weeks away, I’ll start then” OR “my holiday is in 8 weeks, I’ll start then”.

In the next 8 weeks, you could easily lose 7 or 8lb (3+kg) ……meaning that those 8 weeks or so that you procrastinate could be the difference between life and death.


The Cost of Procrastination.

I was chatting to a lady some time ago who admitted to me that she spent her entire life procrastinating about when to lose weight.

Now she regrets it every hour of every day of what is left of her life.

She is morbidly overweight and has developed Type 2 Diabetes.

Sadly her condition doesn’t respond to tablets – therefore she has to inject herself with insulin 3 times a day.

The sooner you start – the quicker and easier it will be.


Again I ask you – what will it take?

Do you want to end up disabled or incapacitated because of your weight?

Do you want your partner or child to have to take you to the toilet?

I urge you to take charge today…… because life is for living.

Yes, it is hard work getting fit and losing weight, but it is so worth it.

There is no fun in being a slave to junk food, being controlled by it like an addict.

There is no fun in being breathless and in pain, and having continence issues. I‘ve been there.


Start Your New Life Today

Life is for living and, as your new healthy lifestyle begins to take shape, you will discover that there is a lot of fun to be had in being fit.

Overcome obesity

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