If you want to earn respect, you have to respect yourself first.

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“If you want to earn respect, you have to respect yourself first” —Taco Fleur


If you sit on your ass all day, you’re wasting away.

Exercise is no longer just to look good.

Exercise is a requirement for every living being.

We no longer have to hunt for our food or maintain the land.

We no longer have to:

  • walk to work
  • build our home
  • walk the stairs
  • open the door
  • go out and shop
  • entertain ourselves

Stop using your brain and you become dumb.

Stop using your body and you become weak.

Become weak and you’ll expose yourself to damage.

Two key factors to a healthy and happy life.

One is exposure.

The other is maintenance.

Exposure to physical and mental demand.

Maintain your strength to resist disease.

Maintain your strength to take care of yourself and others.

Maintain balance.

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What does all this mean?

Technology is taking over, doing more and more for us, so we have to do less and less. Some say it’s a great thing, some say it’s a bad thing. Without choosing sides, one thing is for sure….

Mankind is made to move and use all their physical abilities, jump, run, sprint, duck, crawl, pull, push, lift, and more. The physical abilities people been gifted with, were put to good use in the times when they had to hunt and gather food, build their own homes, work their land, and provide for their family in a way other than walking to the car, getting in/out, sitting down at work and pressing some buttons on the keyboard.

Let’s be honest, getting up to retrieve the TV remote and sitting back in your lazy chair doesn’t exactly require a lot of physical abilities, neither does pressing the remote to open the garage door, taking the elevator to get to your flat, or dialling for a pizza which is delivered to your door. Times have changed drastically, but the body has not adopted to these changes, not exercising means loss of muscle, loss of muscle means back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, bad sleep, you name it. No exercise means no adrenaline, which in turns affects your mood and metabolism. Do you feel crappy all the time, down and negative? Guess what, exercise is not just to look good, those days are gone, exercise is here to make you feel better, mentally and physically, it’s a requirement to exercise, it’s one of the best medicines in the world for getting healthy all-round. Of course you can choose the easy way out, you can take a pill for your ailments, then you can take a pill for the side effect of that pill, none of this will help the root cause though, and you’ll only be going in a downward spiral until you crash, and crash you will.

Exercise is hard!

Yes, if you’re just getting started, exercise is hard, it’s like quitting smoking, but this time you’re quitting laziness. Quit smoking long enough and it becomes habit, it makes you feel good and after a while you’re used to it. Quit laziness long enough, go through the withdrawal symptoms caused by Beer_in_hand_and_lounge_on_the_couch or Do_nothing_all_day_and_rot_away, and soon exercise will become second nature to you.

Exercise is expensive!

Yes, it costs money if you seek the help of a professional, but not as expensive as the pills and doctors you otherwise need to pay for. You can’t put a $ figure on your health, you only have one life, living it the happiest and healthiest you can should be priority NUMBER ONE on your list.

I don’t have time!

This is the lousiest excuse anyone can ever come up with, everyone has time, you own time (make time your b!tch), what you really mean is that you’re too lazy and don’t want to make time for exercise. You’re quite comfortable living the way you are living, truth is, you’ve been living like this for so long, you have no idea what you’re actually missing out on, how good you can feel, how you can be more immune to sickness, how you can sleep better, how you can wake up whistling and be happy, you just can’t remember anymore, and you’ll come up with any excuse to not exercise.

Can’t sleep good? Guess what, your body is telling you that it’s done jackall and it doesn’t need any rest, maybe your mind does, but your body says “stuff you!”. Got a bad back? Guess what, your back is saying “I can no longer compensate for your bad posture”, “I don’t have the strength to keep you upright, I’ve gone too weak, you hardly ever use me!”. I could go on and on about the benefits of exercise and how it’s for everyone, no matter what age, how it makes people feel better, live longer, look better, feel more confident etc. etc. blah blah, fact of the matter is, if you’re not convinced by now, you probably won’t be, until that day comes when you’re forced to make a drastic lifestyle change.

There is nothing else in life I’m as sure about as the fact that EXERCISE and NUTRITION are the main foundations to your health and happiness.

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“You don’t get old, you get lazy!”


Neglecting yourself has ramifications later in life.

Did you break a leg because you got weak, or was it unavoidable?

Do you have bad scapula mobility, and therefore can’t sleep good on your side? Or is it just part of life, and unavoidable?

Don’t get lazy, maintain and respect yourself.

Teach your kids the important things.

Get a physical job, put them in a sport, get them working with kettlebells, or join a gym.

Use the most important medicine freely available to you, exercise and nutrition.

Don’t get lazy, get your ass of the couch, make time, respect yourself, and earn the respect of others till the day you die.

Retirement is for those who don’t enjoy what they do, they’re not inspired.

With all that said, let’s look at some amazing people that show us all how age is just a number! Jerry Gray 76 years of age, probably snatching more than you and me together. Sandy Doyle, setting two world records at 54 years of age. No matter what that number says, it’s a number, it does not define your capabilities. Next month we’re featuring the amazing story of a boy thirteen years of age, and he clean and jerks more than I can.

If there is only one thing you take away today, let it be this, respect yourself, maintain yourself, the rest fill follow. Join our online group that promotes health and overall wellbeing. Take your first step.



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