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Pursue Life, Not a Career!

I’ve never pursued a career, always pursued life and always will. I’m not rich with money, but I’m rich with happiness and inner peace–I know that might sound like bullshit, but if it does, give it a few years.


What I’m going to tell you is not to boast, but is written in the hope you will pursue what makes you happy. I’ve not had an awesome childhood, so I left home at 15 and entered the military at 16, never looked back. Left the country I was born in, the Netherlands, at age 19 (approx) and moved to Spain, which is one of the best countries to live in, for me, the sky is a different kind of blue here, unlike anywhere else, the mountains are so peaceful, the streams are beautiful.


I was a party man back in the days, womaniser, broke some hearts and I apologise for that, been an asshole too sometimes. Always been pretty mellow, never felt the need to have my ego stroked, I am who I am, don’t like it? Tough! Met my wife in Spain where we had our beautiful son, decided that Spain was not the best at that age, and it was time to go and see the rest of the world. We moved to Australia, Perth to be exact, because everyone said it’s so great, don’t believe them, it’s nothing but flies and wind! Spend 3 months there, moved on to beautiful sunny Queensland, met some great people and established two great fitness communities. Australia was great for 14 years, then we sold everything like a crazy family and moved to Vietnam (we had our reasons, but this is not a book).

What an adventure we had there, spend a year trying to get accustomed to strange things, and trying to make things work, it was great, there are some great people there, but wasn’t for us, I like my freedom. We then moved to Thailand because that was always our dream, won’t go into the details why we didn’t move there in the first place, but it was like, what the heck, it’s next door, might as well give it a go to avoid the whole “I wish we did…”, so we ended up in Chiang Mai, wasted lot’s of money on what I expected, and again we decided that we needed our freedom and security. Don’t get me wrong, Chiang Mai is great, I loved it there, but it’s just not for a family unless you’re ok with not being secure and never being treated the same.

So back to Spain it was, and I don’t regret any of what we did, Spain is awesome, I see myself here for many years to come. The moral of the story is, don’t get stuck in one place, just because you bought a few things, do what your heart tells you, do what you want to do, don’t listen to others telling you that you’re crazy (they’re just jealous), go and see the world, you only got one life, make the best of it.

Little tip: something that can drastically help you to feel more free and mellow, don’t hold grudges, don’t tell lies, lies are things you need to remember all the time and will cause unpleasant situations.


Huge thanks to my wife, son and dad for supporting our adventure.


PS. if you think it’s not as easy as it sounds, you’re right! But it sure as hell beats getting up and dreading each day. Talk to me if you want advice. No I’m not a Guru, but I’ve been doing this for most my life, so …

PPS. go and check out my new and up coming book on the kettlebell press, named, Master The Kettlebell Press if you live on the Costa del Sol and are serious about making changes in your life, contact me, hell, if you’re coming for a holiday contact me as I can provide some awesome adventure.

PPPS. this was the short version, buy me a drink, take me on a long hike, go cycling with me and I might give you the long version.

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