Secret to Caveman Fitness

Could This Be the Secret to Caveman Fitness?

You can train like a caveman and eat like a caveman but if you drink like a fish you might not experience the fitness gains you deserve. Over the last 2 years, I have helped thousands of people transform their bodies and minds via one simple habit change.


Did cavemen abuse substances?

A recent study suggests that ancient cultures may have used substances such as primitive forms of alcohol for religious or ritualistic practices rather than for recreation. In summary, cavemen may have had the odd ‘one’ but very infrequently.

Alcohol for Religious or  Ritualistic Practices


Why am I so interested in this topic?

3 years ago in my late 30’s I was 3 stone (42 lbs) overweight, my body fat measured 35%, I was stressed, unhealthy, unhappy and unfit. For a former professional athlete, this was hard to take. So I decided to do something about it. I dabbled with exercise routines, mindfulness, yoga, CrossFit and my diet. You name it – I tried it – but nothing would stick. For all my effort I was getting nowhere. Then something happened that was to change the course of my life. I took a break from alcohol and unlocked the secret to caveman fitness.


Social pressure

But it wasn’t easy. Like many people, I discovered that my whole world revolved around alcohol. It was how I celebrated, commiserated, relaxed, socialised, had fun and did business. On top of this – running a brokerage in the city of London created an immense social pressure to keep on drinking and “entertain” clients. Try walking into a bar full of mates or clients and announcing that you are ‘not drinking’ and see their reaction! Alcohol appears to be the only drug in the world that people berate you for giving up.


Ask your trainer

I am sure if you asked any personal trainer in the land what was behind the majority of missed classes and lack of follow through they would reveal alcohol as the answer. We have all been there. The cringe-worthy call to cancel our session at the last minute due to a mystery ‘bug’. How many times have we missed days of training and consumed a poor diet due to a night on the sauce? When you compound this over time it makes a massive difference. The professional athletes and smart thinkers are working this out.


I firmly believe that the tipping point is here when the ‘smart drinkers’ will totally transform their relationship with the booze to collect the massive fitness and health benefits.


The reason I lost so much weight and got back into the best shape of my life was not because of the reduction in alcoholic calories but due to all the hidden advantages of being alcohol-free that most of us miss. This is why we should all drink like a caveman – very infrequently or not at all.


Your advantages

Here are just a few alcohol-free advantages that generate massive fitness gains:


Your diet improves

Once the alcohol is removed – you instantly drop the obvious calories from alcohol. One pint of strong beer is equivalent to a hot dog and fries – imagine eating 10 of those on a night out. Check out alcohol concerns alcohol v’s food calculator to get a feel for a calories comparison.  But the real game changer is that you no longer crave the late night kebab and pizza the day after.


Motivation to exercise

The beauty of the alcohol-free caveman is that they are full of life and energy. This boosts motivation and vitality to train. For many, there is a real opportunity to get a decent run of exercising under their belt without it being ruined by a stray night on the sauce. Much to the delight of personal trainers all over the land.


Your mental well-being skyrockets

Alcohol is terrible for your mental health. Hangovers produce anxiety and very often their own onslaught of depressive symptoms. This emotional hammering kills motivation, zaps energy and drains vitality. Guess what you hide away, eat rubbish food and have zero interest in exercise. But when we take this out of the equation our mental wellbeing improves along with our motivation to train and eat well.


Sleep is so underrated yet essential to health

Let’s not beat around the bush alcohol destroys sleep. Firstly late nights deprive you of precious hours but it’s not this that does the real damage so much as the quality of sleep. Only a small amount of alcohol has shown to break sleep patterns not allowing you to reach deep REM and therefore your body does not recover sufficiently. You wake feeling tired, lethargic and full of anxiety.


Whilst motivation to exercise, eat well and mental wellbeing are all improved with quality alcohol-free sleep.


The fitness snowball

These wonderful benefits snowball over time and provide a massive advantage over our alcohol loving peers. This holds true in business, fitness, and life. But we know it’s really tough for many people to make this habit change. Also, the science suggests that those who rate their willpower the highest are the quickest to fail. This is because they don’t plan or prepare. They believe they can just switch habits on and off. They are wrong.


Over the last few years we have teamed up with the brightest, habit changing, minds in the land to create a system that’s getting massive results. People, like you, are transforming their bodies, minds, and health in their 1000’s. All because we make it simple. We provide all the learning, tips, tricks and hacks you need along with one of the best communities on the net to smash your alcohol-free challenge and in doing so transform your relationship with the booze.


The excuse you need to get started

Most of us need a decent excuse to get started to overcome the social pressure that often engulfs our worlds. This is why we created a challenge. Lots of people love a challenge from tough mudders, to kettlebell swings. So we have provided the perfect excuse for you to take a break in front of clients, family and friends:


‘I am on a 30-day alcohol-free challenge and I’m loving it. I am training harder, longer and getting better results’


Plus from all the money you save on alcohol you can spend more on training – it’s the biggest win-win in the history of win wins!

Kettlebell motivational quote


But like most things in life, there is only one way to find out if this simple habit hack will gift you those extra gains you have been looking for and that’s to sign up to a challenge and find out!


So all you have to do it check us out by clicking this link and we will do the rest from there.


Good luck on your caveman adventures

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  1. Nice article. Makes a lot of sense. One of many reasons Im now ready to get back into shape is my wife has quit smoking as of 34 days ago. So now that its my turn. And I dont trust chemical gums or patches to stop smoking. The Kettlebell will be my stop smoking and get in shape tool. Oh, and all the great help and information on your site. Thank you all that are part of CavemanTraining.

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