Todays workout is another challenging beast of a workout. You’ll be working with an Olympic Bar and a Kettlebell.


  1. 5 ‘Any’ Dead Lift + Wide Grip Bent Over Row
  2. 5L 5R Single Kettlebell Split Jerk
  3. 5 Wallball Clean + Squat
  4. 5 Wallball Surrender
  5. 5 Tricep Push-up


When picking a weight for your barbell, don’t look at the dead lift part of the first exercise, think about the bent over rows, which are very taxing on the back/core. ‘Any’ Dead Lift means that you can chose to dead lift the weight up any style you please as long as it’s a safe way (hip hinge, squat, wide, narrow etc.). Do not give in to the temptation to put the bar straight down after the row, come back up and finish the down phase of the dead lift. Start your dead lift with the grip already wide. The Dead Lift and Bent Over Row part of this workout require the athletes full attention, do not start a rep when you feel your core is fatigued, rest and/or go to a lower weight, activate the right muscles each time to prevent injury,



You should at least be able to hold the plank for 1 minute before attempting this exercise.

Before attempting the split jerk you should be able to perform plyo lunges without loosing balance, and be able to perform push presses and understand the concept that a push press is more legs than upper body.




If the athlete does not have the hamstring flexibility or core strength yet, then turn the first exercise into a hang lift, this is where the first lift is a squat dead lift and subsequent lifts only go down to just under the knees.

If the athlete is not used to the concept of push pressing, then have them to focus only on this part, i.e. 5/5 push presses, if the split lunge and coordination is the problem, have the athlete hold the kettlebell with both hands on the chest and just perform 5/5 plyo lunges or even without weight, this is up to the trainer to asses. Of course scale your weights appropriately.




Read about safety while performing high and fast reps competitive exercise. Read it before? Read it again.

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