Workout: Diego

Todays WOD has been designed to target your upper body with a cardio component. The reps are low enough to allow for any level to participate, weights can be adjusted to make it hard even for the more experienced. You’ll feel a good pump after this workout!


The workout consists of the following 7 exercises:

  1. 2 Barbell Bicep Curls
  2. 2 Close Grip Bent Over Reverse Rows
  3. 2 Chin-ups
  4. 2L 2R Single Kettlebell Chest Press
  5. 2 Chest Push-ups
  6. 4 Pancake Burpees
  7. 10 Jumping Jacks


Doing the Bent Over Rows with Reverse Close grip allows you to leave the hands exactly where they were for the bicep curls, all you need to do is bent over, let your arms hang, and row into the hips, working your rear delts and triceps.

Go heavy with the Kettlebell for the chest press!

A pancake burpee is performed as follows, squatting position, hands on the ground under the shoulders, push the buttocks up in the air and kick the legs out into a plank position, lower the body completely flat to the ground, contract the back muscles to get the legs of the ground and swim the arms forward into a superman position, bring them back and perform a tricep push-up to get back into a plank position, then push the buttocks up into the air and pull the legs under you back into a squatting position, jump up into the air with the feet flat on the ground.

You go for as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) while maintaining good form and technique, don’t cheat yourself with a lousy form, take a rest to get a proper rep out, your goal is not only to come first but also work the right muscles and make gains.

Don’t let your hair mess up your workout! Your hair will go wild with Burpees and Jumping Jacks, don’t worry about it, just focus on the workout and smash it!


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