WOD CT10.4—With Heavy Deadlifts

This workout consists of three tasks, first one is for strength, heavy deadlifts, swings, and presses. The second task is medium weight working on explosiveness and plyometrics, double kettlebell clean and jerk, and wall ball. The third task is to work on mobility, shoulders, thoracic, hips etc.


Task One

This task is about strength, you’ll be lifting heavy, focus with the deadlifts, swings are explosive, and the press is strict, hence, slower.

  • Squat style deadlifts
    6 reps, Rx 100kg/220lbs for male, and 70kg/154lbs for female
  • Single arms swings (hip hinge, explosive)
    4 reps each side, Rx 24kg/52lbs for male, and 20kg/44lbs for female
  • Strict shoulder press
    2 reps each side, Rx 24kg/52lbs for male, and 20kg/44lbs for female

12 minutes AMRAP
4 minutes rest


Task Two

This task is all about speed and explosiveness, pump those reps out.

  • Clean and jerk
    4 reps, Rx 2 x 20kg/44lbs for male, and 2 x 16kg/35lbs for female
  • Wall ball shots
    6 reps, Rx 9kg/20lbs for male, and 6kg/13lbs for female

8 minutes AMRAP
2 minutes rest

Task Three

This task is all about movement, use a light weight, focus on reaching max range in all movements.

  • Sots press
    1 rep each side
  • Reverse lunge and twist
    2 reps each side
  • Halo
    4 reps each side

Approx. 12kg/26lbs for male, and 8kg/18lbs for female

10 minutes AMRAP

Download the printable PDF for the full details on the workout.




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