This workout will bring you to your knees!

This is what I baptized the World’s Best Kettlebell Combo. It’s an absolute killer!

The combo consists of a half swing snatch and squat thruster. You’re hip hinging, snatching, squatting, and thrusting. It gets pretty explosive and is extremely taxing on the system.


It’s simple though, take on the challenge and perform 100 FOR TIME.


If you need to rest, rest. Of course, your objective is to complete it as fast as possible with minimal rest but good form and technique.

The squat is judged on hips below knee line, the thrust has to be one movement, i.e. not coming out of the squat, pause, and press. To be completely honest, if you want a good thruster, you can’t program 100, but as long as your movement is powerful from squat into overhead, we’ll count it as a thrust, You can hang snatch if you like, hell, you can dead snatch if you want, but those variations are way more taxing than the swing snatch. You come into racking after the snatch, hence half snatch, and lower straight away into the squat.

Like it or hate it, complete it, post on our YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram when completed. Rx is 2 x 16kg for male, and 2 x 12kg for female.

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