Super Advanced Kettlebell Workout ‘Adana’

This super advanced kettlebell workout has only four exercises, but they require great core strength, super flexibility, shoulder stability and overall strength. Do not attempt this workout unless you are familiar with these exercises. HIGH POTENTIAL FOR INJURY IF PERFORMED INCORRECTLY

The workout is performed with two heavy kettlebells, unilateral exercises are performed 5 times on each side, bilateral ones are performed 5 times. You perform each round for a total of 7 times, this WOD is FOR TIME – set a great time, but keep safety as a priority at all times. Make sure you watch the video posted above.


Exercise #1

You bring one kettlebell overhead anyway you like, snatch, jerk, push-press or press, keep it overhead and squat to pick up the other bell for the first deadlift and repeat, make sure the bell touches the ground in time, in fact, release the handle for a split second!


Exercise #2

This is one of the most advanced exercises you’ll be doing in this workout. You clean one kettlebell, pick the other bell up and leave it in hanging position while standing up. Now, the more I thought about this, I probably should have called this a TWIST PULL-UNDER DEADLIFT, because the weight is going completely dead on the ground each time. When standing up, start bringing the racked bell behind you by pulling the elbow back and down towards the hip, start twisting the torso, keep pulling the elbow down, do not press the bell, pull the torso down towards the ground until you’re under the kettlebell, now come back upright while deadlifting the other kettlebell.

There is way more going on, I recommend finding a good tutorial on the “bend press” or “screw press”, I don’t call it that as there is no pressing and I think the twist pull-under makes more sense.


Exercise #3

Come into a static hip hinge where your torso is parallel with the ground as much as possible, now lift the kettlebells slightly off the ground, keep a 45 degree angle between the elbows and the ribs at all times while rowing/pulling the kettlebells up, keep the forearms relaxed the whole time, think about pulling the elbows up, no work from the forearms other than contracting the muscles to keep a grip on the kettlebells. Control the down phase, do not let the kettlebells drop, only put the kettlebells down if you need a rest, otherwise perform all five reps in one set.

Why HYBRID in the name? Just like with the push-up, you have the 90 degree angle (chest push-up) —when doing a barbell bent over row with this angle it would be called wide grip— the 0 degree angle (tricep push-up) —called close grip if working with a barbell— and there is the 45 degree angle (hybrid push-up), with this row we’re working the 45 degree angle, hence “BENT OVER HYBRID ROWS”.


Exercise #4

Lay down, grab the two kettlebells, keep them above your elbows at all times, keep the elbows tucked in tightly so that there is no space between the elbows and the ribs, shave your ribs, now press up till the kettlebells are right above the shoulder and the elbows are locked out. Slowly come back down and repeat.


If you have any specific questions about any of the above exercises please feel free to ask me below or on facebook. I did not write to much about them, even though they’re super advanced and could write a book about each one, you should be familiar with all exercises if you’re attempting this workout. And when you do give it a go, post a video of your round, or at least your results.


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