Is Rowing Your Route to Fitness?

Is Rowing Your Route to Fitness?

Some of the best ways to stay fit and burn calories is to work as many muscle groups and joints as possible. The most efficient ways to burn calories is to walk, jog, bike, and to do other forms of cardio. Another highly efficient way to stay in shape and burn energy is to row. Rowing has been around for centuries and is quite possibly the best way to burn calories in a short amount of time.

Listed below are some reasons why rowing can help you stay on the path to fitness:

Rowing recruits over nine muscle groups

Muscle Activity

Rowing is notorious for working a large number of muscle groups. At minimum, rowing works at least nine different muscle groups. This means that the longer you row the more calories you burn. While many fitness enthusiasts tend to view rowing as an upper body workout only, the actual fact is that rowing is a lower body exercise that also supports the upper body muscles.


Burn Energy and Get Fit

Anyone who is on the path to fitness is most likely looking to shred some pounds of fat and build some lean muscle. This is where rowing is important. A 30 minute row can burn close to 400 calories. This is the equivalent of running four miles- and you get the same benefits in a fraction of the time.

Rowing improves cardiovascular health

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Exercising has great cardiovascular benefits. By regularly exercising, your heart and lungs get more efficient at oxygenating and at pumping blood to the entire body. One reason that rowing is ideal for cardiovascular health is that rowing allows you to work at high intensities for a long period of time. High-intensity exercise is one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular health.


Low Impact

Getting in shape can surely take a toll on your joints and bones. Over a lifetime, exercising can be damaging to some degree for your joints. Rowing is a low-impact way to improve your fitness and to stay in shape. It does not damage your joints the way other forms of exercise would. A 30 minute rowing session not only allows you to burn more calories than running, but also ensures that your knees would not be swollen. Anyone with arthritis should seriously consider rowing.

Rowing decreases street levels

Decrease Stress Levels

Due to high pressure jobs and careers, stress levels are at an all-time high. High levels of stress can tax the body. Keeping your stress levels low is an important part of being fit and healthy. Rowing helps to decrease overall stress in the body because the rhythmic motion of rowing is soothing and calming.

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