Kettlebell Workout ‘Alessandra’ TOUGH AS HELL

I designed this kettlebell workout to get some swings in during the #28daykettlebellswingchallenge disguised as a WOD, because sometimes the brain wants something too. Even if you don’t enter the kettlebell swing challenge, this workout is still a beast to complete, give it a go. If you are participating in the challenge, then use the same weight you’re using for your swings.

The exercises are:

  • 2 (right)/2 (left) chest press with punch through
  • 2/2 overhead squat
  • 2/2 twist pull-under
  • 40 swings

10 rounds for time

My time to complete 47:03
I did an extra round plus an additional 67 reps, making a total of 507 I can add to my challenge, my total for day 15 is 6,433 reps
Kettlebell weight: 28kg
My weight: 82kg
Total weight moved: 180,124 kilos
I also have not had a drink of alcohol for 15 days, and I must admit that …. I’m dying to have a drink.! But I won’t, not yet. If you have any questions about the challenge, the workout or the exercises, ask me directly, post in our Q&A, post below or on any of our facebook pages.


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