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Deadlifts in CrossFit, WTF or YES YES!?

Written by Taco Fleur
Edited by Sean Wells

Deadlifts: CrossFit Competition Should Only Involve Explosive Movements YES / NO?

Any competition where the aim is to be as fast—getting in as many reps as possible—should really only involve explosive movements. Take Kettlebell Sport for example: all movements are explosive, maintained at a high standard, and are scrutinised with each repetition, just like the reps in CrossFit competitions are scrutinized.

Or are they?

I’ve seen some really “WTF” moments in the competitions, especially with the inclusion of Deadlifts.

I’m of the opinion that the Deadlift is not an explosive movement nor should it be used as such. I participate in CrossFit WODs, and if there are deadlifts in the program I do them as fast as I can while remaining controlled; unlike many CrossFitters, I actually put the weight down—I don’t just drop it.

I simply do not like the fact I need to relax the muscles to lower and/or drop the weight quickly to the ground; it causes the weight to bounce, and unless that bounce is super-controlled each and every time, it will provide a potentially unhealthy jolt to your system when gravity takes control again for a split second.

If I wanted to do this movement fast I would I rather do a hang lift, which is much safer as the lowering phase is completely controlled and decelerated by the muscles. Granted, more rest will be required sooner, but that’s another topic.


Or should I just man up and get my timing right!?


As Phil mentioned in one of the comments on our Facebook, yes: the 1RM is absolutely a great test to include, even in competitions, but speed reps on the Deadlift? No.


On that same note, we should never see grinding kettlebell movements like the Turkish Get-up or Windmill in the CrossFit games—nor in a WOD—as these simply are movements that one should not perform explosively, or anything other than slow and controlled. On the other hand, they are great to use in EMOMs and other technique sessions, as they are so great to improve overall strength, and especially pressing strength.

In fact, you’ll see them included in the Kettlebells in CrossFit Project I’m heading up.

If you’ve read my article here and are interested in joining the project which so far includes myself, Kettlebell Lifting World Champion Valerie Pawlowski and CrossFit athlete Martin Ajaots, and has sympathisers like kettlebell juggling guru Michael Lisichkin from Power Bells, please let me know ASAP.

And, as always, please leave your feedback below or on our facebook.



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