Caveman WOD ‘Zamora’

Click play to watch the workout above, and download the PDF with the full workout below. This workout includes the warm-up, you start the timer when you start the warm-up, the warm-up is obviously done only once and consists of

  • 100 jumping jacks
  • 30 alternating surrenders
  • 50 ‘any’ push-ups

go straight from the warm-up into the workout

  • 3 wide grip barbell bicep curls
  • 3 neutral grip barbell bicep curls
  • 3 close grip barbell bicep curls

the kettlebell combo consists of the following and is performed for 5 repetitions on the left and 5 on the right

  • dead swing clean + press
  • overhead squat
  • overhead reverse lunge

eight rounds for time.


Perform the warm-up only once, then you do the 9 reps of barbell curls followed by the kettlebell combo, you do the combo 5 times on the left side and 5 times on the right side, you repeat this pattern 8 times.


We designed this workout to work on some of our weaknesses, so we took our time with breaks in between each rep for the combo, our focus was slow technique, Anna did a scaled version to work around an injury. But you can use this as a WOD and do it for time.


The workout targets and works the following muscles:

  • pectoralis
  • deltoids
  • quadriceps
  • core muscles
  • calfs
  • glutes
  • biceps
  • trapezius

basically a FULL BODY workout. Details on the exercises further below.

The golden caveman WOD rule NEVER sacrifice form & technique FOR TIME

Barbell Bicep Curl

Wide grip, pull the elbows into the side, stand straight, looking ahead, feet a bit wider than normal, start the curl without momentum and go full range, slowly bring it back down, take advantage of the down phase, don’t just drop it down —remember why you’re working out—.

Neutral grip is where the hands are right inline with the shoulders, dig your elbows into your sides and curl.

Close grip, try and get the hands as close together as possible, for this curl you will need to dig your elbows into your belly.

Chose a weight that you can maintain all 9 reps from all 3 angles with.


Kettlebell Combo

The combo consists of three exercises that flow really well from one to the next, you start with the dead swing clean, the kettlebell is dead on the ground with each rep, you tense your body before starting to pull the kettlebell between the legs, you bring the kettlebell back out by standing up/thrusting hips forward —hence the swing— followed by the clean, from there straight into a press by tensing the body and trying not to use momentum to press the kettlebell up. Once it’s up, leave it up.

Perform an overhead squat, lock the kettlebell out overhead, feet might need adjustment, brace the core muscles, slowly lower yourself while pulling out the knees, pressing the feet into the ground, tensing the glutes to prevent excessive pelvic tilt, maintain the weight balance, go only as low as you can go, come back up by pressing into the ground and squeezing the glutes. Leave the kettlebell up.

Perform an overhead reverse lunge, from the squat stance bring the foot on the side of the kettlebell in, this is the foot that will remain in place, weight will be placed on this leg, lunge back with the other leg, keep the weight on the front leg, only use the back leg for balance, try and gently tap the ground with your knee, come back up with only the front leg, do not use the back for coming up, this will not only cause potential for injury, the objective is to work the front leg muscles, come fully upright and pull the kettlebell down and swing it back down to the ground, starting position for the next rep.

Perform five repetitions of the combo on one side and five on the other. Preferably start with the left side or which ever is your weaker side.

Download all details for this workout as a PDF below

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