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Caveman WOD ‘Alvarita’

This workout—although not as complex as some of the others— really took it out of me, in particular the combination of the Conventional Jerk and Overhead Reverse Lunge! This workout consists of only four exercises, namely:


  1. Double arm Swing and High Flip
  2. Conventional Jerk and Overhead Reverse Lunge
  3. Around the Legs
  4. Chest Push-up


Each exercise is performed for 5 reps, working with one medium to heavy kettlebell, for unilateral exercises perform 5 reps on each side. 10 rounds for time. Rest appropriately.

This workout will test your leg strength, core and cardio. Your leg strength and cardio will be tested when you go straight from the swings into the jerks and reverse lunge. If you do them all one_after_the_other your heart will be pumping out of your chest. If not on the first round, definitely the 2nd or 3rd.

Around the Legs will test your stability and core, make sure you do not rush this exercise and keep strict form.

With the chest push-ups, try to get the angle between the elbows and ribs as close to 90 degrees as possible, we’re aiming to work the chest here, think “chest press“.


I used a 24kg kettlebell for this workout and completed it in 34:26, what’s your time and weight? What part of this workout did a number on you?


As always, ask any particular questions you might have about any of the exercises or workout, either below or on our facebook.


And if you’re after a cool challenge, join us in the #28daykettlebellswingchallenge, see you there!


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