Cavemantraining Gym Rules


The rules are simple, if you see any missing, post them below.

  • be on time! when you’re not on time you will miss out on your class as it’s dangerous for you to miss the warm-up and instructions given, plus you throw the trainer off track
  • do not chat while the trainer is giving instructions
  • listen to the trainers, even if you know better, there is a reason why they ask you to do something, if you don’t like it, don’t come to the class
  • the trainers are there because they know what they are doing, they love what they do, they’re open to feedback, but should not be questioned or be objected to during a session, unless it has to do with an injury or failure to perform
  • have fun while working out, but know when to be serious, giggling during the session becomes annoying to the other people who are serious about their workout
  • if you like it, tell your friends, if you hate it, tell your trainer
  • use a spotter when lifting heavy shit
  • be considerate to the gym equipment
  • no push ups on knees, EVER
  • we put 100% into you, you put 100% into your workout
  • use flip-flops or shoes when entering the toilets, ALWAYS
  • clean up after yourself, return equipment where you found it or where it belongs
  • respect other people
  • If you still look cute after your workout then you did not work hard enough
  • make new people feel welcome
  • no cheating
  • no gossiping (this is not a coffee club)
  • bring a towel for your workout, wipe equipment after use
  • leave your ego at the door
  • puke in the bin and clean up any spills
  • if you see someone puking, film it, put it on facebook and tag it (congratulate them on pushing themselves to their max and beyond, and finally, let a trainer know)
  • unlike other gyms:
    • feel free to scream, grunt and groan as much as you like
    • a f@$k or a $&*t here and there happens, but let’s not go to crazy with it
    • use chalk, but don’t be like a kid in a candy store and create a dust storm
    • talk to other members (before and after your group session)
  • when doing martial arts:
    • cut your nails
    • tie your hair down
    • wear a rash guard
    • wash your gear regularly
    • wear deodorant
    • take out or cover any piercing
    • wear a rash guard under your Gi (nobody likes a sweaty chest in their face)
    • screaming in BJJ is the same as tapping out
    • cover any cuts with band-aid and tape
    • don’t injure your training partner
    • talk with your partner about the intensity you kick, punch or roll
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