EMOM No Juanita

EMOM ‘No Juanita’: progression is key!

EMOM: every minute on the minute.

Or as we’ve been calling it for years – Caveman Strength

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Slow controlled low reps with submax weight and enough rest for recovery. We started what we named ‘No Juanita’ with the following slow warm-up, no need to rush this.

  • 5 star jumps
  • 5 ‘any’ push-ups
  • 5 squats

5 rounds

Then we did one rep max for all three exercises we’re doing in the EMOM.

  • 1rm left shoulder press
  • 1rm right shoulder press
  • 1rm barbell bicep curl
  • 1rm front squat

First exercise is single arm shoulder press both left and right, then barbell bicep curl and finish with front squat.

For me that was 30kg for the single arm shoulder press, 50kg for the barbell bicep curl and 60kg for the front squat (although I could have gone heavier with the front squat).


You can save this workout to your computer as a PDF below.


Next we’re going to do the exercises every minute on the minute, if you have time left, rest before the next minute, if you run out of time, just forget about the missed reps.

  • 3 reps of double kettlebell dead swing clean and press
  • 3 to 4 reps of barbell dead bicep curl
  • 3 to 4 reps of front squat
  • 1 full minute of rest

23 minutes

Cool down and stretch.


Watch the video below


Double Kettlebell Dead Swing Clean and Press

You start with the kettlebells dead on the ground, brace your core, squeeze your glutes, activate your delts, lats, swing the bells between your legs, clean them up, then press them up to full lockout, hold for a second, slowly lower the kettlebells and return them to starting position the same way they came up. Repeat for 3 times.


Barbell Dead Bicep Curl

The barbell is dead on the group upon each rep, you lift the bar with a hip hinge dead lift, feet outside the hips or shoulder width, core braced, shoulders back, everything aligned, elbows pulled into the ribs, focus on keeping them there during the movement, keep the wrists straight, perform the curl, split second pause at top of the curl, slowly release back down and to the ground.


Double Kettlebell Front Squat

You start with one clean to racked position, fingers interlocked, feet outside hip width (full details on the squat in the video below), core braced, slowly pull yourself down, stop before hitting maximum depth and push back up. You can rest in racking position, in fact, if you need to work on your racking then work this into the program and spend some time in racking position.

Details on racking



Any questions? Ask below.

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