Workout ‘Donde Estoy?’

Both myself and Anna completed this crazy workout which ends up being 500 double arm kettlebell swings, 500 snatches and 500 double unders. We did this workout quite a while ago, looking back on this now, our time was pretty sad and we have improved so much, the reason for our improvement is the #28daykettlebellswingchallenge.

  • 100 double arm conventional swings heavy weight
  • 100 full snatches medium weight
  • 100 double-unders
  • REPEAT 5 times


Caveman WOD 'Donde Estoy?'It took me 2 hours 28 minutes and 48 seconds to complete this workout, granted I suck at double-unders, but my time for the swings and snatches was also pretty bad. I should had been able to pump out way more than 30 or 40 per set.

In the workout I swung a 24kg kettlebell and snatched 16kg, watch my video below where I can now perform 200 unbroken swings with a 28 in just over 5 minutes, all due to participation in the #28daykettlebellswingchallenge

Taken the above into consideration, I should be able to do all 100 swings unbroken, all five sets just over 3 minutes per set, so that would account for 15 to 20 minutes for the swings, the snatches should be anywhere between 4 and 5 minutes for 100, so that would make 25 minutes. The hardest part is the double-unders, I still suck at them, so my estimate when doing this again will be just under 2 hours. Join our kettlebell swing group to stay up to date.


Anna finished the workout in 3 hours 10 minutes and 4 seconds, she even had a bit of a throw-up session afterwards. So yeah, no doubt this workout is hard, but I intend to show how the high volume challenge with a heavy weight has improved my swings and snatches, by doing this workout again very soon.

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