Tracy Anderson OMG what a bimbo!

Tracy Anderson ‘the celeb trainer’ who basically invented the genre of dance cardio and who spend_more_than_20_years_studying (she should have studied a bit more), consulting with scientists and doctors has said that one of her fitness rules is … I kid you not

Fitness trends—and kettlebells—can be dangerous.

There are a lot of boutique fitness practices that wear and tear on your joints or are not super healthy. Or people flinging kettlebells—you don’t really know where the force is ending up. I see more people with injuries in my studios from kettlebells than anything. It seems like everything [has gotten] very extreme: We watch weight-loss shows where people are pushing cars up hills. It’s just wrong.


Ryan Shanahan
Ryan Shanahan
  1. we don’t fling kettlebells
  2. you do really know where the force is ending up if you use your pretty little head and control it, guide it and know what the hell you’re doing
  3. I see no injuries from Kettlebells, sorry, but in all the years I’ve been doing this and have seen people train with them (in my presence), I have seen no injuries, of course if you train with some trainer that has no idea what they’re doing, yes you’re going to get injured, and yes you’re going to see a lot of people get hurt, no surprise really with ‘celebrity trainers’ all around you
  4. progression
  5. progression

I have some understanding for her though, she’s probably had a Kettlebell session with another ‘celebrity trainer’ like Ryan Shanahan.

But in all seriousness my love, the fact of the matter is (and I’d bet my left testicle on this) a person is a lot more injury prone when working with a Barbell than a Kettlebell. And in the end it also comes down to “who are they training with?”. Give someone a bad dance instructor and ….


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