Started the #21daykettlebellsnatchchallenge


I started the #21daykettlebellsnatchchallenge today. This challenge for me is all about improving my left side, as it’s absolutely terrible!


I’ve done 500 reps in one session before (5 sets, multiple switches), but always favoured the right side and did a lot more reps on that side while knowing that doing this isn’t a wise thing to do, and that it will not help against muscle imbalance. But the time has come to do something about it. You stubborn sneaky little turd of a Left Side, I’m coming for ya!.

I’m going to tackle this by starting each set of snatches with my left side, and whatever amount of reps I do on that side is all I’m going to do on my right side, even if my right side can do double that.

My problem is that I can get into the rhythm with my right side, but the left just won’t listen to me. I know what I want it to do, but I’m having to deal with a stubborn Left Side.


Another thing I want to take away from this challenge is looking at and trying out some of the different styles that people implement, it’s absolutely amazing to see how different the snatch is performed from person to person, particularly in the kettlebell sport world. And I’m nowhere near as good as them, but if I keep breaking it down, analysing it, never giving up, one day …



First day I did the following sets with 20kg, which is far below what I normally do, but lets just say that I’m going to pace myself for this challenge, I want to come out in one piece at the other end of it.


  1. 20 / 20 and 2 squat style tgu
  2. 17 / 17 and 4 lunge style tgu
  3. 11 / 11 and 4 lunge style tgu
  4. 17 / 17 and 2 squat style tgu
  5. 13 / 13 and 4 lunge style tgu

Total of 156 reps


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