Overhead Lockout for Kettlebells and CrossFit Barbell

If you’ve got good shoulder mobility, then your overhead position is good… Wrong! There is more to a good overhead position than just the range in the shoulders.


Taco FleurThe fact of the matter is, a lot of courses and reading material do not cover thoracic spine mobility and how thoracic spine extension helps create more range for the overhead position, I’m talking perhaps 10 to 15% more, that’s a hell of a lot. So why is there not a whole topic on this when it’s so important?

What is a better overhead position? Better equals the weight resting on the skeletal system versus resting on the muscular system. The amount of extension required completely depends on the persons shoulder mobility. The range achieved through the thoracic extension should be natural, i.e. chest out, shoulders back, at no stage should one achieve hyperextension.


I’ve decided to make a video for you that demonstrates the range achieved through thoracic extension, but also created a infographic and PDF (1,724 words) you can download. Access is free for all members, just register or use one of the social buttons below for easy registration, if you’re already signed in then you should see the link below to download the PDF.



Overhead lockout with thoracic extension

Yes I’m working with a kettlebell, but the same concept applies in CrossFit, whether you’re working with a kettlebell or barbell, you create more range through your thoracic. While on the topic of lifting, I think very soon it’s time for an article on the position of the wrist with overhead barbell lifts, there’s already enough hyperextension in the rack, so lets fix some of that, as it can be prevented all together.

Good overhead lockout


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In case you missed the video at the top of the page, here it is again.


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