Mamba Workout

  • 5 x Swing Flip
  • 5 x Jerk and Reverse Lunge L
  • 5 x Jerk and Reverse Lunge R
  • 5 x Around the Legs L
  • 5 x Around the Legs R
  • 5 x Chest Push-ups

10 rounds



In the video I’m using a 24kg kettlebell, I start my flip with a good swing first and then follow up with the 5 flips. To perform the flip you want to do a more explosive swing and slightly bend the elbows as you’re coming up, as you don’t want to flip the kettlebell away from you, you want it to stay closer to your body, at the highest point of the move you want to give the handle a little nudge downwards so that it flips with enough speed to complete a full circle in the air, keep your hands close to where the handle is, catch it and slow it down by coming into a hip hinge and perform another swing and flip.


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I’m covering the Jerk in quick and only a summary of dot points

  • clean
  • rack
  • lockout
  • first dip, power through the heels
  • second dip, fall under the kettlebell
  • lockout, stand up

Perform a reverse lunge, keeping all the weight on the front leg and the back only for balance. Do this 5 times for both sides.



You’ve probably done the version of around the legs, which is where you’re standing up, with this one you’re coming into a hip hinge with the knees slightly forward, your feet need to be quite close together, don’t do this is you don’t have a strong core or aren’t already familiar with around the body. You need to keep your core braced, glutes squeezed while perform this move. Perform five reps one way and five reps the other way, you need to come out of the position to catch the bell in your other hand and reverse the motion.


End the round with 5 chest push-ups, not just any push-up, keep your elbow pointing out and 90 degrees between your elbows and ribs, targeting the chest muscles.


Unlock the video of the workout below.

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