Kettlebell Workout ‘Gravatus’

This is an awesome workout to work on your technique and keep it nice and slow, it features some very advanced moves, especially the Turkish Get-up Squat Style.

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Workout ‘Gravatus’

  • ‘Any’ Clean & Press
  • Turkish Get-up Lunge Style
  • ‘Any’ Snatch
  • Turkish Get-up Squat Style
  • 5 x Single Arm Swings


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Skill level Advanced




Click to see the larger version of this workout.
Click to see the larger version of this workout.

Going into details on all these advanced exercises is not going to happen on this tiny bit of space. I will explain the ‘Any’ part. Clean the bell anyway you safely can, the same goes for the press, press it up anyway you can, but try to start with the strictest form and because you’re working with a heavy Kettlebell for 40 minutes, you might need to start push pressing or even jerking up the weight at some stage, which is all fine, but try to stick to the strictest form of the press. The same applies to your snatch, you can do the dead snatch, half or full snatch. Stick with the weight you have carefully chosen for each exercise when you started, if fatigued, rest, rest as long as you need to. 1 round equals all 5 exercises with one arm, then switch.

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