Kettlebell workout burn baby burn

Kettlebell Workout ‘Burn Baby Burn’

Use 2 medium weights for this workout! It’s a short workout so you can go a little harder, leave nothing in the tank. If done correctly, this workout will leave a nice little burn in the upper arms.

You’re working; triceps, delts, core, quads, rhomboids, traps and more.

2 x Bent-over Dead Row

2 x Renegade Rows

2 x Overhead Squat

2 x Alternating Hang Clean and Press (L+R = 1)



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Skill level Intermediate


Place two kettlebells inline with your feet but right under your shoulders once you’re bent-over (hip hinging), start pulling the kettlebells outwards by contracting your rhomboids and pull your elbows up with your rear delts, let the forearms just hang, there you have it, you just did a Bent-over Dead Row. Place the Kettlebells right under your shoulders once into the plank position, perform a tricep push-up, tighten your core and row one kettlebell into your hips, and do the other side, this is a full Renegade Row. Now get those Kettlebells overhead, tighten your core and perform a squat, this is your Overhead Squat. Rack those bells, let one hang, clean it up with the legs and perform a press, do the same on the other side, and that is one rep of the Alternating Hang Clean and Press. HAVE FUN!

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