Caveman WOD 'Micaela'

Caveman WOD ‘Micaela’ → Beat my time 34:36 @28kg

This is a great WOD on it’s own, but also perfect to include if you need to get some swings in for your #28daykettlebellswingchallenge, the workout consists of:

  • 2 squat deadlifts
  • 1 snatch
  • 1 overhead squat
  • 1 twist pull-under

REPEAT the above 4 exercises on the other arm and then perform 40 double arm swings, perform 10 rounds for time. If you do this WOD, film yourself and submit it on our facebook or this website.

My time is 34:36 with a 28kg weight used for all exercises, as this is the same weight I’m currently using for the #28daykettlebellswingchallenge.

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