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Caveman Strength – Progression Program

This progression program for kettlebell pressing is part of the ebook Master The Kettlebell Press. Orders can be placed here.


Intro to the program:

This program has two main goals, that is to increase the weight you’re pressing and increasing complexity through progression, going from novice to master. It’s important you keep track of your progress on paper and/or video. If you’re not sure where to store your video, post it on the Facebook page for the Kettlebell Press and hash tag it with #cavemanstrengthpp paired with any other details that are important to measure your progress.

In this program I’m not going to mention week one, week two or set any other fixed parameters you need to stick to as the journey of progression is different for everyone. The journey from novice to master is not one that happens in a couple of weeks, nor a couple of months, so don’t look at this as a quick fix, this is serious and you need to invest the time in it if you want results.

As this book is about pressing, I will stay on topic and focus on pressing and assistance exercises in the program, however, it should be noted that you should not neglect other areas of training that can also help improve your pressing power, such as pulling exercises, pull-ups, chin-ups and rows, you should also include things like front squats and hip hinge dead lifts, if you combine all this in your program you pretty much have the whole body covered.

If you feel that during the program you’re not getting enough rest, reduce the working days, if you’re the opposite and feel like you need to do something, include a 1RM press on your off days, you can do this a few times a day but don’t go crazy. Another great exercise to keep yourself busy is the plank, consider including this in your training.

Continued in the book.


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