Caveman Circuit

Caveman Circuit is one of our signature programmes. It’s a versatile programme that’s suitable for beginners and more advanced exercisers. It’s the programme for you if you want to see quick results in a short time. Within a few weeks of starting Caveman Circuit, you’ll see improvements in your strength and cardiovascular fitness, as well as in your appearance.

Caveman Circuits are specially designed by our highly-qualified trainers to be functional, efficient and effective. Caveman Circuits revolve around functional training, high-intensity training, red zone training. For any given circuit, you’ll find yourself doing strength training and plyometric exercises in a specific sequence. The exercises that we choose are functional, and mimic movements that you’d use in sports, or in everyday life. Each day, our instructors put a great deal of thought into choosing different exercises and developing circuits for that day. This keeps things unique and fresh and you never know what they’re going to get. Your body never gets the chance to adapt, and you’ll be excited to come each time to see what’s in store.

The workouts are tough. They’re meant to be. You’ll be in what we like to call the “red zone” throughout the session. You’ll know you’re in the “red zone” because you’ll be gasping and sweating, while your heart pounds heavily in your chest. You’ll definitely be out of your comfort zone, and pushing your limits. It’s worth it though, as you’ll be building muscle and shredding fat at the same time. It’s brutal, but efficient.

If you’re a beginner, and all this sounds too hardcore, don’t worry. We don’t throw you into the deep end straightaway. Our beginner circuits are set up so you’ll have ample opportunity to learn the exercises. The instructors will spend time teaching correct technique, and will pay close attention as you go through the circuit. At the same time, the instructors will monitor your performance, and push you if you’re not working hard enough. More rarely, they’ll ask you to slow down if you’re pushing too hard. We even give the class a short break once in a while.

Our instructors will keep an eye on each participant in the Beginners class. Once we think that you’re ready to “graduate” to the next level, we’ll send you to the Intermediate and Advanced classes. You’re playing with the big boys now! You’ll be pushed to your absolute limit. No more breaks between rounds. (That’s for beginners – you guys are adults now!) We’ll do station after station at a frenetic pace. For those of you who are very competitive, you’ll enjoy the Challenge at the end of each session. We’ll give you a list of exercises to complete – see if you can beat your mate to the finish as you push yourself further into the red zone.


Our Caveman Circuit program offers grueling, high intensity circuit workouts that are designed to push you both physically and mentally to a level that you’ve never reached before. Sessions are 30 to 45 minutes each and they feature no breaks in Intermediate and Advanced, requiring you to move from one demanding, complex exercise immediately into the next. All of the exercises we assign are functional, multi-joint movements that concurrently recruit upper and lower body muscle groups, thus requiring involvement from and development of your core muscles. Because you will jump from one exercise to the next, your heart rate will be in the red zone throughout most of the workout, which will develop your cardiovascular system and burn a significant number of calories. Our circuits will help you get the results you’re looking for, whether it’s to develop strength and power, build cardiovascular endurance or lose body fat.

Structuring the workout into stations means that you can train with others at the same time. You’ll in turn have a sense of team comradely, and will be motivated and pushed to work harder than you would if you were alone. With the exercises we assign, if you’re ready to be pushed and to work hard, you’ll be able to participate no matter your ability or if you’re male or female. You may be tempted to perform exercises with poor form in an attempt to keep up with the workout, but our trainers will be around to help correct your technique.

Every single session in our training program is different and is hardly ever repeated. Each circuit features only complex, functional exercises that will build strength, power, agility, core strength and cardiovascular endurance. You’ll never find yourself on limiting, one dimensional strength training machines. Instead, you’ll be using kettlebells, barbells and even large tyres. You’ll be challenged with exercises like bear crawls and sledgehammer chops. The exercises are intense and you’ll be expected to go all out during the 45 second bout in each station. Many participants will grunt, groan and scream as they perform the exercise, which we encourage you to do as well, as it will help you mentally overcome the demand of the exercise and will provide you with more power behind your movements. If you participate in our Caveman Circuit programs, we promise you will be challenged in a way that you’ve never been before.

Because of the intensity and difficulty of the workouts, there will be times you’ll be tempted to quit, but we frown on our clients ever giving up mentally. Our trainers will be there to encourage and motivate you to keep pushing. If you get sick, do so and then quickly gather yourself and return to the workout. You will get through the workout and pushing through to the end will make it all worth it. After you finish each Caveman Circuit session, you will feel accomplished and have a high for the rest of the day. Follow our program consistently and you will quickly see improvements in cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength and significant decreases in body fat.

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