The Best Push-up

If you asked me “What is the best push-up to do for the most bang for your buck?” I’d tell you the bottoms-up tricep push-up is it.

It’s great for strength as the instability requires you to do this slow. The video is not in slow-mo by the way.

The video shows the tricep push-up but you can just as well put the kettlebells out wider and do hybrid or chest, however, for chest push-ups I do recommend you work your way up and not just start with that width.

The bottoms-up push-up is also great to get a much deeper range, i.e. you could potentially (if flexibility allowed) get an additional 25cm of range (or however high the kettlebell is). Did someone say ring dip accessory work?

Make sure that the ground is non-slip. Place the kettlebells on the side so that all you have to do is tip them over and they’re in place. Also, try different angles of the handle on the ground, working different stabilization angles, i.e. if you put the vertically to you, the bell will wobble side to side, if you place it horizontally, it will be wobbling top to bottom. Well, it will want to wobble, it’s your task to prevent this.

Enjoy! And post your videos of the bottoms-up push up in our Facebook group here.

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