Bodyweight Workout ‘Abdomis’

Bodyweight workout that works the full body, especially the abs. To be performed slow and controlled apart from the burpees.
Chest push-up

Tricep push-up


2 x U crunch

2 x Bicycle crunch

Pike push-up

5 x Jump burpees

22 minutes AMRAP

Lay flat on your back for the U crunch and arms above your head, push your back into the ground, keep it there, bring the arms and legs slowly up (90 degrees / vertical) and now crunch, keep the lower part of the back connected, remember, it’s not a sit-up!

Try and bring the head back on the floor each time with the bicycle crunch and heels floating an inch of the ground.

If you want a PDF or video for this workout, ask below. Remember, I reply to each comment on this website, don’t be scared to ask.

Caveman Bodyweight Workout


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