Bodyweight Exercise Going Mainstream

You guys and girls in the Cavemantraining community are already converted to bodyweight training, whether it be pull-ups, pistol squats, burpees, or even a beach body workout.


But so many people are still working out on fixed gym machines, or doing other sub-optimal or pointless exercise routines.


So it’s nice to see that bodyweight training is steadily becoming more recognised each year as a valid, functional way to train that really gets results.


Although there are some unusual and not very caveman-style fitness trends being reported for 2017, the American College of Sports Medicine’s survey puts bodyweight training as the second biggest trend. The first was fitness trackers, or wearable tech in general, which is just going crazy right now.


As the ACSM survey says

“Body weight training has been used previously; in fact, people have been using their own body weight for centuries as a form of resistance training. But new packaging, particularly by commercial clubs, has made it popular in gyms and health clubs around the world.”


So for us who were doing it before it was cool, this is welcome news.
Next year, kettlebells? What do you think?

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