Beach Bodyweight Workout

This beach bodyweight workout/training session is put together to challenge the whole body, the workout consists of 5 exercises which are performed for 3 reps each, for 30 minutes AMRAP. But just because it’s as many rounds as possible doesn’t mean you need to go hell for leather, speed rep and start butterfly kipping your pull-ups. You want to get stronger and bigger so slower and controlled is the key.

The exercises are:

  1. bicep pull-ups
  2. chest push-ups
  3. lat pull-ups
  4. side plank knee crunch right/left
  5. x mountain tuck jump burpee

I included the 5th exercise as I train for GPP and want to maintain my speed and power, feel free to leave this out if your objective is not GPP.

If you’re wondering why I called the two pull-up exercises bicep and lat pull-up please read here.

Twelve is the number of rounds I’ve completed at a slow and steady pace.


Dead hang overhand neutral grip bicep pull-ups

You start the pull-up with a dead hang every time, but make sure your lats are engaged constantly, some people might not have the flexibility to come into a fully extended hang, so if it feels bad, don’t do it, just stop at the position that still feels comfortable for you. If you’re having trouble initiating the pull-up, start by pushing your elbows out and straight into bicep contraction. Once your head is near the bar and your elbows are near your ribs gently contract the shoulder blades and focus on pulling the elbows back with the rear delts. Try to get your chin above the bar. On the down phase (eccentric/negative phase) you want to slowly lower yourself, you do not want to drop down. The longer your biceps are under tension, the better it is. Perform 3 of these and on the last one you can drop to the ground and go straight into push-up.


Chest push-ups

With the chest push-up the focus is on the pectorals just like the bench press in the gym would be, and you perform it in the same fashion. Stuff all that bar to chest or chest to ground stuff though, you don’t need an injury, just go slow and controlled to remain under tension for longer. Your lats should be active at any stage where your shoulders are challenged, in this case they want to come out of the socket due to the bodyweight pushing down, you want to make sure those shoulders remain nicely and safe in their sockets by contracting the lats.


Lat pull-up


Side plank knee crunch

Any plank variation is a great isometric exercise, with this one we also also add concentric obliques contraction by bringing the elbow to the knee and coming back into a full side plank extension. You might think that this is only a core exercise, but due to the weight on the shoulder (your bodyweight) you need to actively contract your lat for the duration of the plank. Perform this exercise on both sides.


X mountain tuck jump burpee

I’ve thrown this in to work the lower-body, explosiveness and cardio. You drop into a plank and kick one knee to the opposite elbow and vice versa, then you kick the legs in and jump up into a tuck jump. There is more to the burpee, in fact every exercise listed has a lot more details, but that’s all I’m writing today.


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