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Stay Savage: Leo Urquides

You might remember a time growing up where your parents told you to be yourself. And we did. We wore funny clothes, we colored outside the lines…. we simply just did not give a fuck.

As time went on the pressures of fitting in started to chisel at who we truly are- unique people with exponential opportunity and the will to create whatever lifestyle we choose. regardless of environment, race, religion or color to become whatever superhero we want to be. don’t grow up, just grow. Be proud of how unique and different you are because that is your strength.


Name: Leo Urquides
Age: 36
Your nickname: Savage
Speciality: Steel Mace Flow
Nationality: Questionable
Weight: 165
Height: 5 ft 7inch but I tell people 5,8
Personal best: my beard
Quote: Stay Savage my Friends


My name is Leo Urquides aka “Savage”. I am different. I am unique and that’s where I find my strength. I have no master. I live life free and open. My passion is teaching MaceMovement. I love dogs, video games, 420, and combat sports.


What got you started with the mace and why?

I was a personal trainer at a big box gym. I loved my job but was not passionate about the tools at our disposal. Don’t get me wrong, we had awesome tools but nothing really resonated with me. I often sought out different approaches to fitness. One night listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast, I heard Joe talk about the “Steel Mace”. That was at about midnight. I think I was up till about three in the morning looking at YouTube Mace videos. The next day I went to the gym and worked out with a sledgehammer. I was fucking hooked. Something about swinging a sledgehammer around made me feel incredible. I have practiced ever since. I did eventually upgrade my equipment to the ONNIT Steel Mace.

Leo Urquides Onnit Academy


How heavy is the regular mace you work with?

This is a question I love to answer. Mostly because of the reaction I get. I use the 10 and 15 pound mace 90% of the time. You have to understand that you are not just dealing with the weight. You have to account for the torque the handle generates. This tool is completely off-balance. The handle is hollow and all the weight is in the top of the mace. This piece of equipment was built to challenge all aspects of rotation. Purposeful rotation, anti-rotation, and counter rotation. Which, if practiced correctly and with intent, 10 to 15 pounds will give you an unbelievable primal- if not savage strength.


What is the heaviest mace you’ve worked with?

When I was at the ONNIT Academy last visit, I got to play with a custom mace built for the Master Coach Erik Melland. He really had some cool creations. There was one Mace made out of gearheads. The gears actually moved. I think the heaviest Mace they had over there was 55 pounds. I am sure I can swing heavier but I’m more about that Bruce Lee body.


Name some of the unusual places you’ve worked out in?

I have worked out in some strange places. One of the gyms I used to work at really never understood what I was doing swinging a mace. So they asked me to figure out another place to work at it. I love to turn a negative into a positive so I used that opportunity to travel around Albuquerque and do my thing. I worked out in a ditch, high school gym, rooftop, in the kitchen while cooking breakfast, Up and down mountains.. you see me and my mace Ryu are best friends. There’s not much I don’t do without him. Take that however you want it LOL.

The strangest place I ever worked out was in front of another dude while in my underwear. Yeah I did some underwear modeling for Sheath Underwear. It was an awesome experience. Underwear Model check.

Leo Urquides Underwear Model


Do you do any other type of training?

I actually do. I work out with kettlebells, steel clubs, battle ropes, suspension training and body weight. I have a few certifications through the ONNIT Academy in these tools listed above. I have a passion to teach so it is important to me to keep up with the knowledge so I can pass it on to others.


What does a set training day routine consist of for you?

I work out every day for as absolutely long as I can. I LOVE to flow with the mace. There are days when I travel that it’s just not possible. If I have control of the situation I make it happen. One thing about this piece of equipment is that it is portable. You should see the look on the faces of the airport employees when I check in my Mace before a flight. Not only is it portable but it is also multidimensional. It can be used to gain strength to challenge mobility or even as a low impact recovery tool. I suggest diving deep in education and then owning every aspect of the Mace everyday. But I am a unique case…..

Leo Urquides Mace Movement


Do you do cardio?

Swinging around a cannonball on a stick is all I do for cardio. I always thought about what I do as a resistance based cardio. Sure the mace is thought of as a brutish weapon and should give you some type of savage strength. But if you ran out of cardio in battle, that would’ve been the end of you. I am a firm believer you can get your cardio gains from the Mace.


Do you have any set nutrition guidelines you live by?

I have a couple of things I do. I’ll be honest. Eating healthy can suck. It can also be life changing. So suck it up and get that shit done.

Personally, I smoke some good bud before I eat. It really has helped me develop a relationship with eating chicken and broccoli over and over and over and over……


Is the mace any good for shoulder rehabilitation?

There’s a lot of great tools out there for shoulder rehabilitation. I believe the mace is one of those tools. The 360 swing for example helps increase shoulder strength and mobility. OK usually we don’t get hurt from being too strong but instead a lack of range or mobility. The 360 swing can work on both strength and mobility at the same time. That type of training wil help prevent injury. Now if we use the mace to create tension throughout our body. Using the advantage of its off balanced build. We can seek out an area lacking strength and help it grow in range, mobility and strength. The shoulder rotates. The mace rotates and that up and presto. You have the ultimate shoulder kit in the world. But remember my friends.. Education before Domination. Learn a little save a lot.


What type of flexibility routine do you have on a consistent basis?

I had the opportunity to take a great course with Shain Heins and Christian Plascencia called Durability. Think of it like yoga calisthenics and flow. I practiced for about 10 to 15 minutes before a workout


Is this you?

Yes that’s me… red hair I don’t care.


Do you still do MMA?

I had a lot of fun but have not fought in a long time. although it was an awesome adventure I don’t want to hurt anybody anymore. Unless it’s leg day. Then I want to rearrange my friendship with my clients.


Preference for style?

Something you probably already know about me that I don’t need to tell you. I love Bruce Lee. His philosophies, art and his flow. The style of not having a style is my preference.


When is the fight scheduled to happen with your brother McGregor?

This is hilarious. We do not have a flight scheduled yet but when I do it’s red panty night. Not the first time somebody said I look like the notorious one. Actually one of my Instagram videos hit 150,000 views partially because of that same issue. The other view are because I’m SavageAF (laughs).

Leo Urquides Instagram


I think your Mace’s are as important to you as my Kettlebells are to me, do you name your Maces?

You are 100% correct I name all my weapons. When I was a young man I played a video game called Streetfighter 2 at the arcade. Even though I was a child I could crush a grown man with $.50

I can remember the feeling of taking a grown via Arcade game. it made me feel incredible. Kind a like a superhero. I remember picking up the mace swinging it around and having a similar feeling of invincibility. So I started naming all my mace after Street fighter two characters: Ryu, Ken, Blanka, Sagat etc.


Can you name some of the most popular Mace exercises?

  • 360
  • 10-2
  • Ballistic Curls
  • Switch Squat
  • Bow and arrow
  • Battle Swing
  • Uppercut
  • Bayonet Strike
  • Shield Armour Swing


Tell us about your last name?

I don’t know a lot about it. I know my grandma is from Mexico. I don’t know where my father was from or who his father is. My mother is German and Irish. So you are right… Connor is a distant relative. You hear that, CONNOR? I need a lambo:). #familyfund


Do you struggle to maintain your lifestyle?

It’s definitely a struggle maintaining any type of fitness lifestyle. I definitely encounter a lot of People who just simply don’t understand what I do. At first I received more ridicule than questions. But that is slowly starting to change. Really all you can do to deal with these types of obstacles is stick to your beliefs. Trust in yourself and your passion and put positive energy into positive steps. I try not to take the negative with me and leave it behind or use it for fuel.


Tell us about some of the achievements you’ve reached?

I have put the Steel Mace in hundreds of hands and helped many others around the world through my social media platforms find their flow.

I have taught workshops from Elmira New York to Fremont California’s and I have had a most excellent time doing so.


Who would you nominate for Caveman Athlete of the month and why?

Vishal Kumar. My brother from and another mother and father….

Vishal has a absolutely incredible mind when it comes to movement. I was able to stop by the gym he works at Epic Hybrid Train in San Fransisco. There is a lot we can learn from Vishal.

I like to refer to him as VishalAF (as fuck).


Favourite video from your own youtube channel and why?

This one right here playa!

I can still feel this flow. I wanted to be more connected internally and less visually so I blindfold myself. There was a point where I just had to let go of fear and trust in my trainings. Plus I got to train like Dare Devil.



The one thing you would say to someone who needs to make a change but struggles…

My advice never changes for somebody who struggling in fitness. I found something that I absolutely love. All of a sudden working out became this magically fun venture that continues even until this day. Most gyms will offer some type of trial period. Take your time and find something that really resonates with you.


Your future goals?

I recently started teaching workshops. I have taught seven workshops in eight weeks. Business is booming. I hope to continue to travel the globe and spread the knowledge of this brilliant tool.

I made a goal to become a Master Steel Mace Coach through the ONNIT Academy. I practice everyday.


Leo Urquides


Facebook: Leo Urquides

Email: MaceMovement@gmail.com

Instagram: Leo__Savage

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